The Two Brushes I Couldn’t Live Without – Holy Grail

There’s nothing I hate more than brushing (& washing) my hair. Any blondes out there will feel me on this one. You can have literally brushed it 5 minutes ago and suddenly it’s got another knot. Oh, the things we do for beauty.

If you also have this problem there are two brushes (well one brush, and one comb) that you need in your life. I no longer have the brushing hair fear and you don’t need it either! So what the hell are they?

The Tangle Teaser (£10.99, Boots)
I am 99% sure this brush was sent from heaven, because there is nothing that glides through hair without pulling like this does. It literally allows you to get rid of any knots and tangles within 3 strokes. It really is amazing. This is the only brush I use. I’m on my second one, as I melted the bristles on my first. Hairdryers and plastic brushes will only last together for so long. Not only does this work great on dry hair, it also works wonderfully on wet hair providing I have used my other holy grail comb (mentioned below). I couldn’t live without this, and I once went away for the weekend and couldn’t find it in my bag. I was nearly out the door buying another before thankfully it was found hiding in the bottom of my bag. It also comes in various colours and patterns, which I think is super cute!

Lee Stafford De-Stress the Mess Detangling Comb (£4.99, Boots)
This comb is perfect for use in the shower on wet hair. When I’m washing my hair I always brush my conditioner through with this comb to ensure it applies evenly and smooths through the hair effectively. It also ensures that when I do take the towel off my hair it isn’t a big knotty mess, it’s actual quite manageable and doesn’t become frizzy. Now, yes I swear by the tangle teaser however it doesn’t glide as easily through wet hair and can tug a little if used alone. When using this comb especially on wet hair it works some kind of magic by ensuring that there’s no tugging and the hair is left completely detangled. Although a wide-tooth comb would equally do as good a job as this one, the Lee Stafford comb is infused with Argan Oil to maintain healthy and shiny hair. Also it comes with a handy little squeegee on the end so you can attach it to the wall in the shower.

If you suffer from knotty, tangly hair I suggest you go and get both of these products immediately. Brushing nightmares over.. now to work on the washing hair nightmares.



8 thoughts on “The Two Brushes I Couldn’t Live Without – Holy Grail

  1. I love the tangle teezer!! Best investment for my hair! Have you tried the wet brush? It’s great too!
    Looking forward to reading your post, girl! Hope you check mine out too! Xo

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