D.I.Y. – Make it Yourself Strobe Cream

I adore MAC Strobe Cream, I don’t however adore the price (£24.50, MAC Cosmetics). The description on the website itself says it is ‘A moisturizer that boosts the look of dull skin and luminizes with iridescent particles.‘ – so upon reading this I thought, well surely this could be easily made?

Yes, there are many different strobe cream dupes on the high-street already, such as the L’oreal Lumi Primer (£9.99, Boots) and Bourjois Paris Happy Light Luminous Primer (£10.99, Boots). But that’s still only half the price of MAC for essentially a moisturiser with highlighter in, so this is when I thought well I’ll make one myself.

Now as it is a D.I.Y., you can put in whatever suits your skin best, there’s no right or wrong way of making it and you can make it as luminous or un-luminous as you wish.

What do you need?~
An empty pot.
A moistuiser, I choose Nivea Creme (£1.39, Boots or I actually purchased mine from Home Bargains for 69p).
A pink based highlighter, I’m using Make-Up Revolution’s Baked Highlight in Peach Lights (£3, Superdrug).
And a champagne based highlighter, I used the one from Sleek’s Contour Kit (£6.99, Boots).
Optional: for those with dry skin I’d also suggest putting in a few drops of your favourite facial oil.So this concoction is so easy it’s untrue.

Simply put 2/3rds moisturiser into the empty pot which you have and then scrape with a tool such as a bobby pin, scissors or tweezers an even mixture of both the pink and champagne highlighter into the moisturiser. Add around 10-12 drops of the facial oil if you have so chosen to do so and mix it up until you’re left with a nice even smooth mixture.The effect as you can see from the swatches is exactly the same as MAC’s Strobe Cream, although MAC mixture is probably smoother and less chunky to start with once rubbed into the skin the effect and texture of the product is exactly the same. It even looks gorgeous sat alone on the skin for those no make up days where you still wish to not look so dull.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you get on! You could even try some different coloured highlighters such as a golden tone or bronze. I only used pink as strobe cream is predominantly pink based.


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