Creating Beachy Undone Waves that Last with the NuMe Octowand

NuMe is a brand that had a lot of YouTube hype a couple of years back, and I was that person watching countless hair tutorial videos of all different kinds of styles using this ‘wonder-product’. The OctoWand.

So what is the Octowand?
It’s an interchangeable barrel curler. It retails for $300USD, around £210 (NuMe). And the possibilities with this styler are literally endless, from tight ringlets, to messy undone mermaid waves to hollywood worthy hair. This is a dream for anyone who loves to create different textures with their hair. Not only this, but it is also infused with tourmaline which ensures that not only the style stays in place but it also locks in natural moisture in the hair which reduces the amount of damage.

Is it worth it?
It may seem like a lot of money, (trust me there is ALWAYS a discount code floating about) but when you think about it you are paying for 8 curlers essentially and many of us, me included pay just over half this price for one pair of GHDs.
Not only this but you do get it in a carry pouch which has sections for each separate barrel and a heat protection glove, something which is always handy to have.

Biggest Pro?
For me personally it’s the lasting power of the style you get left with. If I wave my hair with my GHDs, which when I’m in a rush I tend to do, give it a couple of hours and i’m left with simply a kink in my hair.
If I take just a little time out, maybe half an hour at most, to section and completely style my hair with this styler I can get 3 days + out of it. Yes, it doesn’t look as bouncy as the first day, but with the style which I will show you today you get a looser wave each day giving you numerous styles from one session. It also means you don’t have to keep heat damaging your hair as you can simply wake up and go.
If you  can’t tell already I blimin love this product, and no I am not being paid to say any of this (I could only wish).

Any downsides?
The only downside for myself it that due to it being an American brand you do need to find a plug converter to ensure you can use it, also you may find that you need to pay a shipping charge to receive your item.

So.. How to get these Beachy Undone Waves.

Barrel Type
Smallest Round Barrell

430-450 degrees F

Section Your Hair
I always do a section at a time starting from the bottom of my head to the top.
Usually I do
1. Above the ears
2. Eyebrow level
3. Temples
4. Top Root Area
Within each section I probably take around 3-4 chunks of hair completely randomly and curl them round the barrel.
The section size will completely depend upon your hair texture, mine isn’t very thick so this is what works best for me, but please adjust it to your own hair needs.

Protect Your Hair
When you have your section ready ensure to generously spray it with a heat protectant, I am currently using the Nicky Clarke 220 Degree Heat Protectant Spray (£6, Tesco).

Curling Technique

Each horizontal section I will curl a different way, so I will curl the bottom layer towards my face. The second away from the face etc.

When I’m curling any sections around the face and also the top layer I always, always, always curl away from my face as I find it to be more flattering.

  • When actually creating the curl I will wrap the section of hair around the barrel, leaving out around a 1/2 inch at the bottom and leave it there for around 5-7 seconds (again this will depend on your hair texture) I release it and then leave it to cool.
  • After I have completed 2 sections I then spray Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (£22, Boots) and scrunch my hair allowing the curls to become messier, more undone and less defined.
  • Once the whole head is completed I then tip my head upside down and run my fingers through the whole thing to loosen the curls.
  • Then taking a soft bristle brush, my brush of choice is the Kent Small Natural Bristle Brush (£7.99, Boots) and gently run it through the hair to ensure the curls become more wave formed.
  • The final step I do is to take my straighteners and if necessary smooth out the bottom inch of my hair to give it the beach effect.

After Care
Day to day I take my hair as a general rule I simply brush through with the soft bristle brush and then reapply the Surf Spray, dry shampoo or a texturiser just to add a little bit more definition to the hair.

This is my everyday style currently, and I hope some of you get to try it out!

Instagram: beccapbeauty
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23 thoughts on “Creating Beachy Undone Waves that Last with the NuMe Octowand

  1. This is so pretty! I’m going to give this technique a shot! I have thick wavy hair, so I usually hit mine real quick with the flat iron first to get the ends and the roots to cooperate. Have you tried a bigger iron or with a bubble wand?

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes I have tried both the bigger and bubble wand and they both give gorgeous looks but strangely enough the smallest one is my favourite. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s balayage which is essentially highlights but less blocky and more natural looking. If you YouTube or google it you’ll see how it’s done x

      Liked by 1 person

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