Wow, A BIG HUGE, Thank YOU!

A whirlwind is the only thing I can describe today as. My favourite online retailer actually featured one of my posts on their twitter account, if you haven’t already guessed who that is, well it’s no other than Beauty Bay.

I only realised this when I came onto my WordPress app just to see how my views were going and was greeted by a whopping 135 views and it was only 2 o’clock! So my first big thanks of the day goes to Beauty Bay.

Secondly, this got me thinking. I have a personal twitter account but I don’t actually have one for my beauty blog so I decided to make one. Why not give it a go, I already have an instagram which is starting to pick up, beccapbeauty, go give us a follow! So it all just seemed to make sense. So far I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to be used but I thought it would be a great way to interact with all of you! So please go ahead and give us a follow, I’ll be sure to follow back! @beccapbeauty

Finally I just wanted to say, wow, wow, wow. Over the past 2 weeks I have received over 200 new followers, taking my total to over 800! I don’t know where you are all coming from but I am so thankful and grateful. I set up this blog in all honesty to see if I could feed my addiction and get some samples of make up and beauty sent my way. However, I’ve actually become very attached to my blog, I love the little community I have here and I still haven’t been sent any samples, but here’s hoping, haha! No i’m joking it doesn’t actually bother me anymore I like providing you lot with information and my own opinions of different products, and I hope you all enjoy me sharing this.

I want to wish you all a very happy weekend and thank you all for your support.

Lots of love,

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16 thoughts on “Wow, A BIG HUGE, Thank YOU!

    1. The only tip I would say is don’t pressure yourself to churn out blog posts. Quality is definitely better than quantity.
      Make sure you take pride in your photography as that’s what will draw people in.
      Good luck! xxx

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