Steady Going, the Perfect Year Round Pink? – MAC Matte Lipstick

Pink lipstick. I used to wear nothing but pinks up until about 2 years ago. I was all about the paler pink lips, candyfloss by Collection was always a personal favourite of mine, I don’t even think they sell it anymore, who knows? But yes, I was all about the pinks, from /-baby to hot pinks. Pink, pink, pink was the colour to have. So after much splurging on all colours ranging from nudes, to browns, to purples and oranges I decided it was time to go back to my roots, and pick out a new pink lip colour as I kinda missed wearing them. So here it is, MAC Steady Going lipstick.

And what a gorgeous colour it is. It’s described as a ‘light pink matte’ on MAC’s website (£15.50, MAC), which isn’t the most detailed description so here goes mine.. I would say it is a light-mid pink with slight blue undertones. It’s definitely matte, and not a drying matte either which is a big bonus. The lipstick itself I find to be highly pigmented, but it is buildable if you want a complete opaque look to the lips. As it leans slightly towards the cooler side it means your teeth looks that little bit brighter and whiter and in fact overall it seems to brighten up the face – I will do a make up look with it soon!

I remembered when I first put this lipstick looks great with both warm and cool toned eyes, looks great in the day time or glammed up in the night time, goes perfect for a fresh dewy look in the summer and will look fab with plenty of glitter in the festive period. It is the perfect go-to colour if you don’t wish to constantly be wearing nudes. I absolutely love it and am SO glad that I have purchased it. It’s gone straight into the current ‘I want to wear this lipstick’ pile and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Overall, if you like pink lipsticks or are looking for a lipstick you go throw on with anything I highly recommend this, it’s a must have! The longevity of it is very good too, it’s not extreme long wear probably 4-5 hours, but the main thing is it’s not drying out the lips, if anything it feels creamy when applied.

What’s your favourite pink lipstick?


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11 thoughts on “Steady Going, the Perfect Year Round Pink? – MAC Matte Lipstick

  1. amazing colour! my favourite mac lipstick is also a matte one “all fired up” but it’s a really bright and more dark or neon pink lipstick and is nothing for shy people, but i looooove it.


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