Everything you need in ONE PALETTE? Morphe 35k – Swatches & Review

Now, this palette is possibly the most versatile of all the ones which I own. Not only is it neutral in it’s shades, but it has cool tones, warm tones, metallics, shimmers, mattes and satins. Like honestly, what more could you ask for?

Although I own some single Morphe shadows, this is the first ’35’ palette which I got from them. My, my I am impressed. The shadows themselves are so pigmented and the shimmer colours literally feel like butter. They are truly outstanding. Now, I’m not going to say that ever single shadow is amazing, because there are a couple as you will see that are a little patchy and not quite as smooth as the others,  but overall there is nothing I could complain about. This palette is excellent value for money, and quite frankly I think everyone, young, old, make up artist or amateur, needs it. You can pick one up from Beauty Bay for just Β£21!

Let’s begin with the swatches, because let’s be honest it’s what you’ve clicked on here for!

The first row I would call the ‘transition and highlight’ row.
There are not only some practical transition/all over the lid shades but there are mesmerising shimmers which would look not only fab on the eye but also used as a highlight on the face, do you feel me?

The second row is ‘warm browns’.
This row is perfect for those who crave red-toned warm smokey looks for the eye. This paired with the first row is definitely my most used, as someone with hazel-y eyes, these colours really make my eyes pop and as the majority of these are mattes or satins they are perfect for a classic, everyday or full on glam look.

The third row is ‘classic browns’.
Similar to the second row, this row is mainly matte browns, this time leaning towards the more neutral side, but still with a hint of warmth. The shimmer shades in this row are gorgeous and buttery perfect for a lid colour and in this row is possibly my favourite shade, the gold. OH MY DAYS. That gold is truly stunning!

The fourth row is the ‘cool tones’.
Here we are introduced to the cooler shades of the palette, we have cool browns, a cool transition colour as well as some gorgeous shimmer tones. The first grey/blue shade is actually gorgeous placed over a red brown to give a duochrome effect to your eye look. And the other shimmers are similarly just as beautiful and pigmented.

The final row is the ‘grey blacks’.
This is perfect row for when you wish to create a classic smokey eye. As well as being perfect for adding depth to the crease with any eye look. There is a shade in this row that I was surprisingly amazed by and that is the second to last on the swatches. I don’t think you get the true representation of this colour from the picture but it is a satin/shimmer black which looks just like velvet on the skin. Truly beautiful.

So after seeing all the swatches, which row do you think would be your most used? In fact, just get the palette and let’s go from there..


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13 thoughts on “Everything you need in ONE PALETTE? Morphe 35k – Swatches & Review

  1. This is such a beautiful pallet! I just got the 35E, but this one will definitely have to be my next purchase! Have you signed up for their pro card service? I recently got a Cosmetology certificate holder pro card so I get 25% off now! They have a lot of pro card options, license holders, students, and self taught artists. You should really check it out! Such great benefits. Here is the link, such a great post πŸ™‚


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  2. I have the “35f” (fall into frost) and i think i like your one a bit more, and now after your review i’m definitely going to buy it haha! Oh, and i really like the way how you wrote the review.


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