Black Friday Beauty Bay Bargains (So that makes it okay right?)

I’m here again, telling you what I’ve bought from Beauty Bay this time. I’m sure this happens waaaaay more often than it should, but it was black friday and they had some brilliant deals, so it would of been rude of me to not take advantage, right?

Now unfortunately the items I’m showing you will now be full price, but either way there was a rhyme and reason behind why I bought them, kinda..

L.A. Girl Pro Powder in Classic Ivory (£6, Beauty Bay)
The reason for this purchase is pretty simple, I am running out of my current L.A. Girl Pro Powder so needed another.. also this brand was 30% off over black friday weekend, so even though it’s one of the more affordable brands I was still gaining a hefty bargain! Now the colour I usually get is Creamy Natural but they didn’t have this in stock, a common problem when everythings so cheap everyone goes crazy! So instead I got the lighter shade of Classic Ivory and fingers crossed it will do the same job. It’s just a great natural looking powder for dusting all over the face, cleaning up contour and also setting the under eyes quickly without baking.

RMCA Over Powder in Warm Gold (£15.50, Beauty Bay)
Now unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know how much YouTubers such as Jacyln Hill, NikkieTutorials and Tati rave about the RMCA No Colour Powder, now much like above that was the one I was after however due to the discounts it was completely sold out. This meant that little old me had to get the warm gold tone, which actually when looking online at reviews is just as good and gives that little extra glow. I have used it a couple times already as a bake for under my eyes and under my contour lines and I have to say that I have been really enjoying it. I’ll be sure to do a makeup look using this soon!

Milani Conceal and Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer in Warm Beige (£11, Beauty Bay)
This is a complete, Tati made me do it purchase. If you’re a fan of Tati >>Glam Life Guru YouTube<< then you’ll know that is her favourite drugstore foundation, she would literally choose it over numerous more expensive ones, and when I saw milani was on discount I thought why the hell not! I got the same shade that she uses as 9 times out of 10 I have enough tan on to get away with slighter tanner foundations and if not I can mix it in with another to make it match better. So far I have only worn it once but there’s been no breaking up of product and it still looks good 8 hours on, so so far I’m really really liking it.

Milani Smooth Finish Cream to Powder Foundation in Warm Beige (£8, Beauty Bay)
Now if you’ve read my recent post The Ultimate Face Kit for £2.40.. (yes you read that correctly) you may or may not know that I have been absolutely loving the foundation in that kit! It goes on so smooth and flawless and just look so natural on the skin. When I saw this product from Milani I decided to purchase on the basis it was cheap, and it looked like it could be a very similar consistency, well here’s hoping anyway. I’m yet to try this yet, but will be sure to keep you updated on my social media. Do you follow me yet? Twitter and Instagram is both >>beccapbeauty<<!

Velour Lashes in Doll Me Up! (£19, Beauty Bay)
Recently I’ve been getting into lashes, not so much for everyday, but I’m definitely more into wearing them for nights out and special ocassions and although I do try and get as much wear as possible out of my usual £4 wispies I thought that the sales were a great time to invest in some mink lashes. Now these lashes although mink are cruelty free which is brilliant! I went for the Doll Me Up’s as they are full and wispsy meaning they look a bit more natural than a thick black lash. I am yet to try them out but I have placed them on the eye and I can imagine they will make any eye look stunning.

Did you get yourselves any bargains in the black friday sales? I’d love to know!


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