Tanya Burr Made Me Buy It – Antique Velvet MAC Lipstick

Youtube is my hobby, not making videos or commenting on others though I probably should try doing that more, but simply watching it. If it was an olympic sport I would definitely make the semi-finals at least.
Recently I was watching Tanya Burr, who can I just say has evolved into an absolute unique beauty recently, anyone else noticed this? I feel she’s really becoming her own in terms of style especially since getting her hair shorter. She is a stunner! But yes, back to the point. So I was watching Tanya’s video ‘My Autumn Makeup Tutorial‘ <<- click to watch! and I completely fell in love with the entire look, especially the lipstick and it’s so simple, yet so bold and so wearable. It just screams autumn/winter, and after seeing it in more videos/vlogs and snapchats of her I had no choice.. TANYA MADE ME BUY IT.

Antique Velvet is a matte finish lipstick from MAC (Β£15.50, MAC Cosmetics) and it’s described as intense brown. It’s rich and chocolately with a hint of red making it extremely wearable. It glides on and is very creamy and smooth when on the lips.
Although a matte lipstick it still has a slight creaminess to it meaning a liner is needed if you’re after a very pristine look to the lips. However the pros of this are that it doesn’t dry out your lips with long wear time.

In terms of durability it’s actually pretty good, unlike a retro matte it doesn’t stay on forever and if you eat/drink it’s going to disappear meaning you do have to reapply but that to me is no biggie. I don’t mind having to retouch my make up on my dinner break, it means I get to smell that delicious MAC vanilla scent all over again, and the creaminess of the lipstick makes it feel like your giving your lips a treat, which I suppose in essence you are!

Overall I think this lipstick is perfect! I’ve been after a true brown and although Jeffree Star’s Dominatrix was my number one want, it’s always sold out and actually I think I’ve enjoyed wearing a lipstick rather than a liquid lip for a change. It’s all I ever seem to wear these days which is a real shame. So let’s bring back them lipsticks!!!

I’m thinking of doing a look with a deep brown smokey eye and this on the lips, comment if you’d like me to do a post on it, or possibly even a YouTube video?


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20 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Made Me Buy It – Antique Velvet MAC Lipstick

  1. Yeah, I also spend hours on YouTube. I always forget to like or to comment, even if I really liked the vid… Trying to work on it :D. That is a gorgeous brick red! Looks pretty on you.

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  2. That is such an amazing color. I gravitate towards dark, deep reds and that one is gorgeous. Love your post! Very informational and very detailed. Definitely helped me understand the product more. Great blogging πŸ™‚

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    1. Just the lipstick! If I do use a liner I use a nude one from L’Oreal called barely there simply to shape my lips x


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