Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Haul – OMG

Why is it always the case that whenever you get gifted make up products, although something you would never probably pick for yourself, you completely fall in love with them and get annoyed at yourself for overlooking them in the past. So yeah, that’s just happened to me.

I was kindly gifted Make Up Geek shadows from Beauty Bay, four eyeshadows (one of which I already have so it’s going into the beauty giveaway drawer) which compliment each other so well that I just had to show you, and I’ll be sure to create an eye look for you soon using them.

Venom (£6, Beauty Bay) – this is the one I already have myself and if you wish to see which other MUG shades I have >>>read about them here<<< It’s a gorgeous warm green with a metallic finish and is perfect shade to use when you want to use something other than brown but keep a natural look.

Corrupt (£6, Beauty Bay) – this is a true black eyeshadow. Make Up Geek themselves call it intensely pigmented, and I completely agree. It’s a staple in any collection. It’s great to create either depth or smokiness to an eye look.  It’s also perfect to create wing liner when you want a softer look.

Moondust (£6, Beauty Bay) – a metallic silver taupe shade. This is a great shadow to either use on its own for a wash of colour or paired with other shades, such as Corrupt, to create a pop of shimmer on a smokey eye.  This isn’t a shade I would usually lean towards as it’s a cool-tone, however I actually think this would look fabulous paired with warm matte shades in an eye look.

Jester (£9.25, Beauty Bay) – this shade is absolutely stunning. It is described as a bright mossy green with slight gold undertones and a foiled finish. It truly does look like a wet finish foiled shadow on the eye. I can see this becoming one of those perfect shades to place in the centre of the eye to create a gorgeous pop of colour.

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17 thoughts on “Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Haul – OMG

    1. Yes it’s so super duper black! The blackest I’ve ever found is Kat Von D in the shade and light eye contour palette! X


  1. Nice gifts!! That’s the great thing about gifts isn’t it. Something you’d never buy, is now available for you to try, no strings attached! You’re completely open to the idea. And because you got it from a friend, you at least try it out!

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