Primark Beauty Sponge FAIL

Much like anyone else, if I can save money on anything, I will. You don’t have to ask me twice. So when I saw that Primark sell beauty sponges in a pack of two for just £1.50. I didn’t hesitate putting them straight into my basket.

I had high hopes for these as I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Primark’s beauty range, both tools and makeup, so I was excited to try them out. I soon realised I’d bought latex and not the non-latex version (which I’m sure most people have been saying are he good ones), but honestly, how much different could the outcome be? Well I was about to find out..

In the pack you get two beauty sponges, one a classic beauty blender shape and the other is like an hour glass shape – one end flat, the other pointed. I decided to test out the egg shaped sponge from the set. On first impressions it’s a lot firmer than my usual Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge (£5.99, Superdrug). However keeping an open mind on the matter, I decided to not judge it fully until I’d given it a go.. so off to the sink I went.

As you well know, beauty sponges are meant to be damped before use and this ensures they only soak up excess product. So I placed the beauty sponge under the sink and low and behold, my first fail.. nothing changed. It didn’t take in any water at all, it didn’t get any bigger at all. After a good two minutes of trying to soak it under the tap, I gave up.

Still trying my best to not let this cloud my opinion, I decided to simply see how I’d get on using it anyway. To give it a true test, I used it with my favourite MAC Studio Face & Body foundation (£29.50, MAC Cosmetics). As this is a watery consistency I find it applies better with a sponge than a brush. As the sponge ensures you don’t get paint brush like strokes all over your face, it also makes sure that the product is able to soak into the skin rather than sit on top of it. This sponge however made the usually pretty natural second skin looking foundation patchy and somehow made the foundation have no coverage in the slightest. This was the point I decided I wasn’t even going to attempt my whole base, it would’ve been a write-off makeup day otherwise.

I don’t know if I’ve completely failed at attempting to use this, I have a dodgey sponge or it actually is the worst beauty sponge on the market. Either way, if you’re strapped for cash just buy the Real Techniques sponge, it’s amazing for the price and it’s still way cheaper than an actual Beauty Blender (£16, Beauty Bay).

Please let me know your thoughts on Primark beauty and if there’s any other products I should try. I’d love to hear from you.

Love, always.


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27 thoughts on “Primark Beauty Sponge FAIL

  1. I tried the Primark ones too (that pack). They were the first set a beauty blenders that I bought and so I though nothing of how awful they are. If you use these consistently they start to rip apart which is a shame because they could have been really worthwhile.

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  2. So glad you thought this too! Thought it was only me!!! Just seemed to absorb my foundation and not blend at all, and it didn’t seem to get any bigger! Definitely back to the real technique ones! xxx

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  3. Ooh sorry for the fail. I still prefer my RT sponge. The orange one. And the Beauty Blender is the best one and the best dupe is RT sponge 🙂

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