Matte Navy with a Pop of Fuchsia (and of course Glitter) Nails

I’ve been so busy recently I’d had literally no time to stop and think about what to get done on my nails. It’s one of the only times I’ve looked at the colour wheels and make a decision whilst I’m there.

After much consideration I decided upon a dark navy blue which I wanted matte. And to add a pop of colour as it is spring time after all. I went for this gorgeous fuchsia shade with a multi coloured pink, purple, silver, gold glitter.

I absolutely love them! They’re perfect for this time of year and the matte dark nails perfectly contrast to the glittery ones.

A perfect look that anyone could recreate at home.

Love, always. 


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7 thoughts on “Matte Navy with a Pop of Fuchsia (and of course Glitter) Nails

  1. Love this combo! I’m always looking for great new color combinations to try, I always draw a complete blank when I’ve got to think of nails. This is so pretty, and I have these colors, down to the matte and glitter. Off to try it now-thank you! Great wok on the blog!

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