Clarisonic Aria – is it More Than Just a Face Brush?

For months and months I’d been toying with the idea of getting myself a Clarisonic. You see so many bloggers, YouTubers and even friends that have the device and swear by it in their skin routines. My skin’s never been awful and I do count my blessings for that, but I’m prone to a lot of blemishes and those spots that stick around for weeks on end and no matter how much skincare I try, nothing seems to shift it, so I decided that maybe it wasn’t the actual skincare that needed to change… Hello Clarisonic.

I did a lot of research into the different types of Clarisonics you can get and honestly, there’s not a big different between them all. Some have more speed settings, others having different timer settings but overall, they’re all going to get the same job done.

Clarisonics are different to most other face brushes out there. They use sonic frequency to cleanse the skin, which allows the products you’re using to absorb more effectively into the skin. The brush doesn’t rotate and therefore it provides a smoother and more radiant look to the skin.

I purchased the Clarisonic Aria (£155, Clarisonic) about a month ago now. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I didn’t purchase mine directly from Clarisonic, I ordered mine from eBay and I can assure you that it’s the real deal. You can get in on there for only £64.99!

It comes with two brush heads – sensitive and deep cleanse -, a charger, a drying stand and also a sample size of a foaming cleanser.

I was a bit nervous about using the Clarisonic as many people say it can break you out for a couple of weeks and it’s providing your face with a deeper cleanse than it is used to.

I use the sensitive brush head on the universal setting – this times your cleansing routine to 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 seconds for your nose and chin and then 10 seconds for each cheek. It signals the time periods with beeps and I find this allows me to give my face an even cleanse all over with no focus on one area over another.

You can change these settings, as can be seen on the Clarisonic website, but I decided to start off simple before getting into deep cleanses and using different settings or heads.

I use the device both morning and at night. In the morning I use it with the B. Revealed Glycolic Cleanser (£7.99, Superdrug) and in the evening with the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Face Wash Mask (£4.99, Superdrug) – I’ll first do a cleanse using my hands and gently removing my eye make up and then rinse this off before applying the product to my face and using the Clarisonic.

My first couple of weeks were definitely plagued with breakouts – I noticed my skin was bumpier than usual and I was getting more spots around my face than I’d gotten in a long time.

After each use, I was sure to thoroughly clean the bristles using an antibacterial soap and then leave it to dry overnight or throughout the day on the drying stand.

Many reviews said this could happen, so I didn’t let it get my down and I powered through!

By week three a lot of the bumps were gone leaving my skin smoother and the blemishes were less red than before I used the device. However, I then got the strangest cluster of about 15 spots near my hairline on one side of my face. I was very self-conscious about them and unfortunately I was away at the time so I didn’t take a picture, but within 4 days, the breakout was pretty much unnoticeable.

It’s now been four weeks and touch wood, my skin hasn’t broken out since the other week. I definitely think my skin it a lot smoother and my blemishes, although still there aren’t as red as they have been.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Clarisonic, it cleanses my face more thoroughly than rotating face brushes that I’ve used in the past and once I’ve completed my face cleanse with it and take some micellar water on a cotton pad, there’s pretty much no makeup residue left – which is amazing.

I’m going to continue using my device and if I try any new brushes or I have even better results in a few months time, I’ll be sure to give you an update.

Do any of you have any tips or tricks for using the Clarisonic? I’d love to know.

Love, always.


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7 thoughts on “Clarisonic Aria – is it More Than Just a Face Brush?

  1. ~Becca~ I know people love the Clairsonic. I found that it irritated the rosacea on my cheek. I even tried shelving it for over a year, then trying again when my skin was going through a calm period. My rosacea flared up again. Maybe it isn’t for people with sensitive skin. I did use the softest brush.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear your experience wasn’t great with the Clarisonic.

      Thanks for sharing this so those with sensitive skin can see your thoughts on it x


    1. I have have combination skin leaning towards the dry side. The sonic motions definitely exfoliate the face and help to keep dryness at bay. You can also use creamy or oily cleansers with the brush – so there’s endless possibilities. X

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    1. You could always try using a non sonic face brush first just to see if the bristles affect you in any way. But as with all things, read up on reviews from people with similar skin to yours. Xx

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