Looking For a Great Liquid Liner Pen? Look No Further.

Every single year I’ll go through different stages with how I like my eye makeup. One month I’ll like kohl liner in my waterline, one month I’ll only want lashes and this month.. I’m all about the liner.

Now I love my Blacktrack Fluid Line from Mac (£16.50, MAC Cosmetics), but I do find that gel liner never seems to be quite as black as I want it to be. So off I went to find myself a deep black liquid liner for my current eye makeup stage.

I did end up going Marks and Spencers beauty hall, I love all the different brands there and I knew there’d be a great selection for me to choose from.

After doing much swatching, I ended up going with the Pixi Lash Line Ink in Black Silk (£12, Marks and Spencers). Not only was it super black, but the point of the pen meant you’re able to go from thick to thin easily. Alongside this, the tip isn’t hard meaning you can create any shape or line you wish.

Applying this product is so easy, the length of the brush pen tip means you can lay it flat on your eye to create a thin line across the lashes. The pigment is super black from the moment that you draw it onto the skin, however one thing I have noticed is that if you go over the same part a couple of times the pigment seems to come away and become patchy.

Overall though, the liner is exactly what I was looking for and it stays so well throughout the day. I’ve worn it about five times now and I haven’t found it’s transferred or flaked at all throughout the day.

The only thing that did happen is that I’d been wearing the makeup all day at work, and as happens to most of us throughout the day is that our skin becomes oily. On my way home I’d  rubbed my eyes without even thinking about it and when I looked in a mirror, thank god I hadn’t gone anywhere, the liner had smudged all over my eyes and around my face – my bad.

I would definitely recommend this liner, there was a good range of colours, and providing that you don’t need to keep changing the shape of your line and you don’t rub your eyes after a long day – it’s gonna stay perfect all day long.

Love, always.


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