This Highlighter Palette is on a Whole Different Level

On a recent girly shopping trip with my best pal, we went into Superdrug and were both immediately drawn to an affordable highlighter balm palette from Makeup Revolution. There was only one left in store and I kindly told my friend that she could have the palette, I then proceeded to by the highlighter palette from Freedom – Turn Around, Bright Eyes – This Highlight Will Blind – And Only £6!!

I never really thought about the palette again until my birthday came along, as it does every year, and in my gift bag from her was THE PALETTE. I was so excited I screamed with excitement and I can’t wait to share this beauty with you all.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Palette (£8, Superdrug)

In this palette you get eight super creamy strobing balms. There’s a range of colours, including unicorn/mermaid inspired ones (wahoo) and the look they radiate is just flawless, wet-looking beauty.

Although a balm texture, these are not at all sticky and providing you pat them over your powdered foundation, they won’t break up any makeup you’ve already applied.

They can be used on bare skin, under foundation, over foundation, as cream eyeshadows, as body highlight, as a lip topper – basically as anything you can think of.

With these kind of products, I personally like to apply it after foundation and concealer but before applying bronzer or blush. This allows you to apply the product and blend it seamlessly with either your fingers or a sponge. You can also then go over the product with a powder highlight to further intensify the already highly pigmented balms.

I love that this kit contains different variations that you can use alone or mixed together depending on what kind of look you’re going for. I personally can’t wait to use the lilac and blue undertoned balms as I think they’ll look amazing against a bright pink blush.

The swatches for this really don’t do it justice, I’ll do a tutorial with it soon so you can really see the look it gives the makeup.

Although I love my Freedom highlight palette, this definitely will be the new go-to. The variation, pigmentation and gorgeous wet-look of the product will be perfect for any makeup look. I can keep it natural and blended for the day and amp it up for any night time looks.

If you don’t have this palette in your life and you love highlighter, get on it immediately – it’ll be your new favourite thing!

Love, always. 


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7 thoughts on “This Highlighter Palette is on a Whole Different Level

  1. I have never tried any of the balm highlighters from Makeup Revolution. I tried one of their Vivid Baked Highlighters a while ago and didn’t love it; maybe I just got the wrong shade or maybe I got a dud, but these look nice, I might have to try them out! Great post! xoxo

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