White and Black Eyeliner – The Perfect Statement

There’s no better go-to look than a wing of eyeliner and a bold lip. After recently buying a gorgeous white eyeliner from NYX, I’ve created this different eyeliner look which creates the perfect statement to a simple look.

It’s such an easy look to do and all you need is a white and black liquid eyeliner. I used the NYX Liquid Liners (£6, Boots).

Simply apply a neutral eyeshadow into the crease of the eye, I personally went for Skinny Dip from the Chloe Morello Ciate Pretty, Fun and Fearless palette (£39, Feel Unique).

Then apply a thick wing of the white eyeliner followed by a thinner wing of black eyeliner, making sure to allow the first white eyeliner coat to dry.

Once completed, touch up any parts where the eyeliner has merged into one, even if you allow it to dry, it will happen unintentionally.

Then apply a khol eyeliner to the upper and lower waterlines. I used Zoeva Graphic liner in Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride (£7, Beauty Bay) followed by using the same colour you used in the crease to smoke out the lower lash line.

Finish with a good lashing of your favourite mascara, mine is the NYX Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara in Black (£8, Boots).

Add a bold lip, such as MAC lipstick in Antique Velvet (£16.50, MAC Cosmetics) and voila – perfect statement for everyday.

Love, always.


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9 thoughts on “White and Black Eyeliner – The Perfect Statement

    1. I’m so happy you’ve found this helpful.

      I love the way it looks on it’s own against a smokey eye look but it’s not the most practical one to go for, so this is perfect for me.


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