Since When Did Stick-On Nails Become So Fun?!

I always used to treat myself to acrylics and getting my nails done at the salon, but since getting a mortgage and having real responsibilities, it’s a treat that I just can’t afford.

I already had my own gel kit and it’s been great for doing at home gel manicures. With the amount of glitter I also own, it’s not being looking too shabby either – not professional but definitely not too amateur.

Recently, I was going to a wedding and was wanting something a little bit fancy.

I toyed with the idea of going back to the salon for a treat but honestly, I just couldn’t find the time.

This is when I turned to stick-on nails – well the type of nails that you add glue, pop them on and voila – perfect nails.Elegant-Touch-Hall-Of-Mirrors-False-Nails-Gel-Manicure-SuperdrugElegant-Touch-Hall-Of-Mirrors-False-Nails-Gel-Manicure-Superdrug-Swatch-Review

I found these gorgeous Elegant Touch Polished False Nails in Hall of Mirrors (£7.49, Superdrug) when doing my monthly ‘browsing for nothing, walk out with everything’ beauty shop.

They were perfect for what I wanted, they make a statement but aren’t so crazy that they won’t go for everyday.

Another thing I loved about them is that they’re not too long. There’s nothing worse than a super long false nail that you’re unable to do your jean button up with. Personally, I have super tiny nails and my ring, index and middle finger all have a very similar size nailbed, this usually makes it difficult to find enough falsies but I didn’t have to file down or shape one nail.

They were super easy to apply and the glue that they come with isn’t too gloopy. By this I mean that it doesn’t squeeze out of the size when you press the nail on. Any glue that did go outside the nailbed dried fast and came off after a good wash of the hands without bringing the nail off with it.

One thing I have noticed about these falsies is that they’re quite thick at the base. This causes, especially when the nail grows out a little, to get caught on a lot of things… especially your hair. This isn’t ideal and with enough force, nails will ping off due to this.

The nails are absolutely stunning, they’re so holographic and showstopping – along with being white, but not stark white.Elegant-Touch-Hall-Of-Mirrors-False-Nails-Gel-Manicure-Superdrug-Review-ReviewsElegant-Touch-Hall-Of-Mirrors-False-Nails-Gel-Manicure-Superdrug-Swatch-ReviewElegant-Touch-Hall-Of-Mirrors-False-Nails-Gel-Manicure-Superdrug-Swatches-Swatch-Review

The only problem with the effect on the nails is that it’s essentially a top coat. Within a couple of days I noticed that the matte white and scratch marks can be seen all over the nail. It’s not noticeable unless you really look close and unfortunately it doesn’t photograph well enough for me to demonstrate, but it’s one of those things that if you know it’s there, it kinda bothers you.

Overall though, I’ve loved these nails. I’ve had them on for 7 days so far and I’ve only had to reapply one when it came off because I got my hair stuck underneath it.

For the value – absolutely brilliant and so much cheaper than a salon manicure or acrylics.

I’ve seen that Primark Beauty do a lot of different cheap falsies and so I’m planning on picking a couple up on my next trip there. If you’d like to see a review on these ones, I’d be more than willing to show you them – just drop me a comment.

Love, always.


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