There’s Waterproof Mascara and Then There’s 3ina Waterproof Mascara

The past year or so I’ve become a big advocate of waterproof mascara.

It not only holds a curl better in your lashes but it also doesn’t smudge all over your eyes throughout the day.

I’ve been using NYX Doll Eye Mascara for the past five or six months and to be honest, I’ve been loving it and couldn’t really fault it. But ever being the ‘there’s got to be something better out there’ beauty blogger minded kind of person, I decided to spread my wings and look for another mascara to try.

My main reasoning for picking up NYX so often and not going towards other affordable high street brands is that they’re cruelty free. So after doing some research, I found that the brand 3ina is also a cruelty-free and vegan brand, affordable and easy to purchase on ASOS.

I bought the 3ina Mascara Definition Waterproof (£8.50, ASOS). It claims to have a long-lasting hold, a spiked brush to give great definition and a waterproof finish.

Upon opening the the tube, the plastic spiked tube really caught my attention. As you can see in the images it has one side with shorter spikes and they taper round to what you’d usually expect in length from a mascara wand.

When applying this mascara I wasn’t sure which length side to use, but I found angling the wand so it starts with the shorter spikes up to the longer ones ensures you get the root of the lash covered and define all of your eyelashes.

I will say, it hurts.

I’m not sure if it’s the material or simply just the spikes, but I’ve used this mascara a few times now and it’s kind of become something I dread because it’s very uncomfortable to apply.

Aside from this, the mascara isn’t an overly wet formula and it’s very lengthening and defining. It’s also a true black – something that surprisingly isn’t always a given.

In regards to it’s long-wearing abilities, it doesn’t budge all day and keeps the lashes looking just as they were when you applied the product hours earlier.

On the flip side of this, it’s extremely hard to remove.

With my usual NYX Doll Eye, I found it had great wearability but when I came to remove it at the end of the day, it just came off with no issues at all.

This 3ina mascara however is a bit of a pain. My usual night time cleansing is to use charcoal soap to remove my face makeup and then I’ll take a cotton pad soaked with micellar water to gently remove the mascara from my eyes.

Although the micellar water does remove some of the product, it leaves a hell of a lot behind. With it being my eyes, I don’t like to rub them too much (anti-ageing and all that) so there will be product left behind.

In the morning, you’re then left with a black smudge under the eyes, which is also hard to remove – it’s a lose lose situation. So if you have any ideas how I can remove this, please let me know! – Side note, I’ve had extremely sensitive eyes recently, so I’m unable to use anything perfumed near them.

Overall, I do love the look of this mascara. It makes my lashes look super long and defined and personally, I love that look for everyday wear. I just wish that the brush was a little softer and the product came off a bit more easily.

Do you own any products from 3ina? It’s not a brand I’ve ever delved into before, but I’d love to know any recommendations you have!

Love, always.


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14 thoughts on “There’s Waterproof Mascara and Then There’s 3ina Waterproof Mascara

      1. It made my eyelashes feel really stiff and it is really hard to take it off and that is like the only NYX product that I do not like.

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      2. Oh no way.

        Was it the doll eye mascara?

        I personally find that one super easy to get off so if it wasn’t that one you tried, I’d highly recommend it x

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Great review! It really does make your lashes look beautiful. An eye makeup remover that works wonders for me is The Body Shop’s Waterproof Camomile Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. I have super sensitive eyes too and this one doesn’t sting for me!

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