The Hottest Palette Out There and It’s Just £5!!

On a recent trip to Superdrug, as happens quite a lot, this palette caught my eye. The tester was placed on a makeup stand with no eyeshadows around but it completely had my attention. Warm pink and orange tones, mattes and shimmers, how could I say no?

I immediately asked the lovely lady in Superdrug where I could find it and she knew exactly where it was. I was taken aback when I found out it was by MUA – The Fire Vixen Palette – and it was only £5!!! (You can buy it from Superdrug here!)

The name of the palette couldn’t be better suited. It contains 15 shades of absolute fire tones. Aside from a couple, they’re all warm-toned and it’s going to be absolutely perfect for creating warm ‘pumpkin spiced latte’ inspired smokey eyes.

Now, for £5 it wasn’t going to be perfect.

The matte shades in this palette are quite chalky, you can see this in the swatches below, the darker shades also come across a bit patchy when applied. If you’re dedicated to your art though, a good amount of blending and plenty of applications of these shades will give you the look that you desire – so patience is key with these shades.

But, the shimmers in this palette are absolutely out of this world. When I was doing the swatches for this blog post I couldn’t get over the buttery-ness of the first shade. I was in awe when all the shimmers swatched just as beautifully and a couple of them even have duochrome factors to them. I’d pay £5 just for just one of these, so the chalkiness of the mattes doesn’t even matter.

If you’re a warm toned eyeshadow lover, you need to get this palette in your life immediately.

When I was in store there was only 2 of these palettes left and for good reason. I’m also definitely going to look into the other 15 eyeshadow palettes they have – more so for the amazing shimmers than anything else – so if you do have any recommendations, I’d be thrilled to know about them.

MUA – a brand that I barely look at twice in Superdrug – is definitely pulling out all the stops, they’re even cruelty-free and simply because of this eyeshadow palette, I’m going to be browsing their selection every single time I go into store.

Love, always.



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18 thoughts on “The Hottest Palette Out There and It’s Just £5!!

  1. This looks gorgeous!! My kind of palette and for £5 that’s great. Looks a good size for travelling which is great as most of the palettes I have with these types of shades are HUGE and not travel friendly.

    Jacqui xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, I’m not sure where you can get it in the us. I’d recommend checking out makeup academy’s website to see if they ship internationally x


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