Vices Versa


I feel it’s a very underrated colour, there’s so many different tones and it’s a colour I very rarely see on nails.

When I was recently in a beauty outlet store, this nail varnish caught my eye immediately. Essie’s Vices Versa (£11.50, eBay)

It’s a gorgeous neon lime green – with a muted twist. It reminds me of green leaves – something we’re not seeing much of in these autumn months.

Essie is one of the best quality nail varnish brands and this is no different. It goes on with an even consistency, but as I do find with most Essie varnishes, 3 -4 thin coats is the best way to great an opaque look.

This varnish however is a little different, it dries very matte and very fast – but then as you add more layers it takes the form of a jelly and you need to be extremely careful whilst it’s drying.

Once it has dried, it has a satin effect – personally, I would always add a gorgeous shiny top coat.

I absolutely love this colour, it’s like a natural pop of colour and I find it feels very ‘me’.

I’d love to know what your favourite green nail varnish is, and if there’s any readily available varnishes that are a similar colour to this one as it’s no longer available direct from Essie – and I don’t really wish to spend £12 each time I want a new bottle.

Love, always.



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8 thoughts on “Vices Versa

  1. My favourite green is a dark with a touch of teal like a blue green host matches my tea mugs perfectly and I always feel so cosy when I wear it. But Essie polishes haven’t been a favourite of mine.

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