At Home Christmas Manicure

There’s no nail colour that screams festive more than red and when it’s combined with glitter, you’ve got every corner covered.

Now if like me, you either can’t afford or haven’t got time to get some fancy nail art that you’ve seen on Pinterest and you’re not necessarily equipped to have a go at home, this is the nail look for you.

Not only is it super simple, it’s also super pretty and will give any Christmas party that pop.

I created this look using gel varnish, but by substituting you can also create this look with regular nail varnish.

I started by prepping my nails for the gel – if you want a post on how I prep my nails for my gel manicures, please just let me know.

Then to all my nails apart from the ring finger on each hand I used the Bluesky gel nail varnish in Pillar Box Red (£3.85, Amazon). I find this to be really pigmented and so I only use two coats before applying the top coat. My top coat of choice is the London Crystal-G Top Coat (£4.50, eBay).

Taking the same top coat I then apply this to the ring finger. Before curing the nail under the light, I apply a loose copper holographic glitter onto the nail to cover it. The finer the glitter, the better. I used Penny Copper (99p, eBay).

I then cure it and apply another layer of the top coat along with a silver holographic glitter over the top (£1.49, eBay), ensuring to leave the copper peeking out underneath so you get the two tones.

To finish off the look, I again – yes you guessed it – apply the top coat and this time, take chunky glitter in any tone that you desire. I went for blue/purple tones that look like ice and this ones is from In Your Dreams Glitter in Purple Unicorn (£5.50, ASOS). All you need to do with this is apply this over the top.

I cure this and then put one final layer of the top coat over to ensure that it’s all sealed in.

I generally find that my gel manicures last about a week to ten days – providing that I don’t peck at the nails, ooops!

Now, what to do for new years… I’m thinking super glittery and super metallic!

Love, always.






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