A Teenie Tiny Beauty Bay Haul

Each and every month I have to delete the marketing emails from Beauty Bay as soon as they come in, or you can guarantee that I’ll be on their site, put about £300 worth of products in my basket and then have to put my phone down because I can’t afford it. Who feels me?

Well, when I saw their post-Christmas sales emails I refrained because honestly, it’s the same in any beauty, fashion or homeware sale – I end up spending money for the sake of it on stuff that I never wanted.

So I decided to save my money – until the restock of Jeffree Star’s Holiday Collection came in.

I’ve had my eye on his liquid lipstick in Christmas Cookie ($18, Jeffree Star Cosmetics) since he swatched the whole collection back in probably November. Not only is the packaging to die for – hello pink glitter explosion – but the colour screamed ‘ME’.

My all time favourite liquid lipstick from Jeffree is Mannequin. It’s the perfect warm with a hint of pink toned nude and Christmas Cookie looked similar but not so much the same that it wasn’t worth having both. It’s a very similar warm nude with undertones of peach (just like a freshly baked cookie) – so in the basket it went.

Next was a foundation that has been talked about here, there and everywhere. The Ordinary Serum foundation (£5.75, Beauty Bay). It offers a lightweight, natural coverage and comes in an amazing 21 shades. It claims to leave a semi-matte finish to the skin that skims over lines and imperfections to create a flawless base.

Now be warned, although their 21 shades in the range – many are almost always sold out – so picking one close by (or even a couple to mix as they are so cheap) wouldn’t be the end of the world. I thought I needed Light 1.2Y for my winter shade but as it wasn’t available went for Light Medium 2.0N. It suits my skin, without fake tan, perfectly so it may be that the colour range is worth going a shade up from what you’d expect to match your skin – and honestly, the neutral shade isn’t that usual grey-toned business you often find in the drugstore.

Alongside that, it does offer SPF15 and there’s no crazy flashback within the images I’ve taken wearing it – so far it’s a big thumbs up from me and if you’d like a full review, don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know.

The last thing I put in my basket was a product I’ve been after for about 6 months and honestly, I have no idea why I haven’t bought it sooner.

The Face Halo 3 pack (£18, Beauty Bay).

If I’m being completely honest, if Chloe Morello (bloody love that girl) wasn’t part of the ownership of the company, I probably wouldn’t have been so crazy for it. But the video where she demonstrates what it can do – linked here – is damn right incredible.

I decided to finally bite the bullet as my skin’s become super sensitive to make makeup removers and products – meaning cleansing and gently exfoliating my face with just water thanks to the Face Halo will be a dream come true.

I’m actually yet to break open the pack and give them a go – but this is more to do with the face I’m yet to wear a crazy face of makeup to really give it a fair trial. As with the foundation – and lipstick – if you do want a full lowdown on how I find the Face Halo and maybe even the effects it has on my skin, just let me know!

I’d also love to know the last item you bought from Beauty Bay – because let’s be honest there’s so much available, we’re all bound to discover hidden gems thanks to others.

Love, always.


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    1. It’s always hard deciding which colour to get when buying offline. I found going one shade darker than I thought actually worked out for me – but you could always try a foundation matrix which shows you different shades. X

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