‘Cause Imma Be A Wifey

If you don’t know, don’t really care or simply haven’t noticed – I’m engaged (wooo bride to be) and have been for a few months now – living in my little newly engaged bubble. As someone who doesn’t share too much of their personal life on the blog – I thought it would be nice to give this review post a bit of a back story and it’s a way to get to know a little more about me.

Now, if you haven’t already noticed from the amass of Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick reviews on my blog – I’m a BIG fan and everybody not only on the blog, but in real life, knows it.

I’m constantly watching his videos, his snapchat stories and liking all his photos on Instagram – because they’re bomb.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend (still can’t get used to this fiance malarky) also knows and this little Christmas gift to me meant more to me that he could even know.

One of my presents was the Liquid Lipstick from the Family Collection in Wifey – because I’m his wifey to be (cue the awws).

Wifey (£16, Beauty Bay) is a gorgeous dark brick red – that’s a sure fire way to make a statement. As with all of Jeffree’s collection, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, highly pigmented and extremely lightweight on the lips. With just one stroke of the product, the true opaque colour of the lipstick is visible to everyone.

The wear time with these lipsticks is incredible. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they’re the most long-lasting liquid lips that I own. They’re not drying throughout the day, they’re matte – drying down within a minute or two – and they don’t bleed meaning that there’s no need for a lipliner beforehand.

As with many darker pigmented lipsticks, although the doe-foot applicator does allow you to get a precise shape, any little mistakes will be noticeable but I find that by either applying concealer around the lips or by adding a little lipliner – this problem is easily fixable.

I blimin’ love Jeffree Star Liquid Lips and I’m sure that I’ll get a hell a lot of wear out of Wifey. A dark red goes perfect with simple everyday looks, winged liner, smokey eyes and even a full glam transformation. I’ll be sure to do a look with it soon, so be sure to let me know what vibe you’d like to see.

Love, always.






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37 thoughts on “‘Cause Imma Be A Wifey

  1. I’ve always wanted to buy his products. He’s releasing that Blood Sugar palette and I want it, but I’ve never made the J* leap… Obviously his products are worth the investment, lol. I need to get my hands on it!!! Congratulations on your engagement!

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    1. I can’t recommend them enough Rikki! They’re amazing quality and such a good price for it I think!
      I’ve got my eyes on the liquid liquid on Problematic!

      Thanks for the congrats x

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  2. I didn’t know you were engaged-congrats!! You’ll be a stunning bride! As far as J*-I LOVE him. I know a lot of ppl have issue with him over a comment he made 10 yrs ago and some recent beef with other gurus BUT I feel like he’s held to a different standard than other gurus for some reason. There are others that have had questionable tweets in their past and don’t get anywhere near the level of hatred J* does. And when he argues with ppl and makes shady comments, I feel like ppl turn it into something (racist) it’s not. If anyone else made the EXACT comment, it wouldnt be an ish.

    All that said, I love him. I love that he says what he thinks, I love that he’s been so successful with nothing but hard work, and just who he is, warts and all. He’s flawed, he knows it, and doesn’t pretend he’s not like so many do in that industry.

    That shade is the PERFECT blue-red. I’m in love! I searched for everrrr for the perfect blue red, found Ribbon by Colourpop but I might have to get my paws on this, too ❤️❤️

    Sorry for the novel 😕

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    1. Yes, that’s why I love him so darned much – his lipstick is truly amazing and Wifey’s fast become one of my faves. I’ve never tried anything from Colourpop but I would love to so any recommendations are well received.

      Also don’t apologise for the novel, I love a conversation comment 😊

      Thanks so much for the comments about my engagement- I’m so excited to be a bride! X

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      1. Oh, girl-I could write a book about Colourpop. I order from them at least once a month, and getting a delivery in fact tomorrow. Email me at tellmemore2017@yahoo.com and tell me what you’re looking for, what you gravitate to and I can throw you some Colourpop recommendations 😊 the price is right, and the quality is truly great.


    1. Thanks. It still doesn’t feel real looking at the sparkler on my finger. Yes, we’re all booked up and ready to go! How about you? X


      1. Oh wow! You haven’t got long to go at all. We’re not getting married until September 2019!
        Do you feel organised and calm? I do now, but feel closer to the time I’ll just go into major panic mode x

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      2. I don’t feel organized yet! I feel calm how?? I don’t know lol. But I’m sure closer to the date it will be a gong show! I’m trying to enjoy the process as much as one can :). September is a great month!! Still warm. Where do you live?


  3. Congrats on your engagement! I was there not too long ago. Thank you for stopping by my site. Blessings to you and your soon-to-be hubby!


  4. Such a gorgeous colour!! I’m getting married soon too… any tips on a good reddish stain? I’m thinking to do that for the big day… 🙂

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    1. Oh red lipstick on a wedding day is truly iconic! Personally I’d use ruby woo from Mac – it’s a lipstick but so long wearing. Providing you put thin layers on and blotted them – I reckon it would last all day x


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