I Got All This at Superdrug For Less Than £50!

To be completely honest, this shopping spree was a big mistake. If anything, I’d simply gone in to nose at the new Makeup Revolution concealers and pick up some new razor heads. The rest was not planned..

Although at the time I thought, oh my god – why have I just done that?, looking at the haul now, I got quite a fair bit for my £50 and for that I don’t regret this shopping trip one bit.

So let’s a look at the goodies..

Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive Blade 4 Refills (£9.69, Superdrug)

So this is the only thing that I needed when on my crazy impulse shop. I love the Venus razor, the actual handle that I have has a swizel ball kind of head, meaning you can really get around those ankles and knees. The only thing I have to buy is the razor themselves and these ones are always a winner. They’re small enough to get everywhere – you know what I mean – and they stay sharp for a good couple of weeks before you need to change them. The cushion around them also makes them super gentle for someone like myself who’s got very sensitive skin.

Eylure Dybrow Eyebrow Dye Dark Brown (£7.49, Superdrug)

I used to religiously dye my eyebrows every two months. It helps my kind of fair brows to look thicker and also great for when I’m having a no makeup day. Not only that, but this dye isn’t too warm toned – so my eyebrows don’t turn out looking like red-toned brown but more neutral. It’s a cheaper alternative to heading into a salon and I’ve got a tutorial on how I dye and style my brows coming soon – so keep your eyes peeled.

NIP+FAB Makeup Blusher Palette in Blushed 1 (ON SALE £4.48, Superdrug – Sorry if it’s no longer on offer)

I love blusher and definitely use the same three on rotation constantly, even though I have loads in my beauty drawers. I loved the look of this palette, it has two pink tones and two more neutral mauve tones. It’s a great palette for any makeup look and will take me through my different tan shades – from when I have no tan on at all, all the way through to when I’m fake tanned and glowing. I also thought it would be the perfect palette to travel with, as it’s not too heavy and fits perfectly into a makeup bag.

Solait Gradual Tan Dark (£4.99, Superdrug)

I love all kinds of fake tan, from instant to overnight, to gradual and even my current favourite tanning gradual oil. At the same time however, I’m not one to dedicate myself to one and will happily pick up anything available at the time – they all do the same job and there’s none I have or have tried that don’t do what I need them to. This called out to me, not only because the bottles super cute but also because it has a tropical scent. I’ve tried this a couple of times since purchasing it and on my, it smells like an expensive fruity perfume and not at all like fake tan. It’s amazing.

Sleek i-Art in Modernism (£6.99, Superdrug)

I was instantly drawn to this cream eyeshadow. It’s a gorgeous taupey-brown shade with an undertone of blue shimmer. As someone who loves an easy, throw on eye – so to say – this is great to put onto the eye, blend in, pop on some mascara and go. Since purchase, I’ve worn this a hell of a lot. It’s great alone, with another shadow to define the crease and outer edge, or even just with a wing liner. For one look I created using this shadow, see my duochromatic look here.

SO…? Vanilla Milkshake Body Mist (£3.99, Superdrug)

Now this brand takes me back to when I was a young teenager, but my goodness do I kindly welcome it. I love a good body mist for taking out and about with me, ya know, if you feel a bit sweaty or smelly. It’s  especially perfect for when you’re on a night out and don’t want to lose your expensive perfume – at least these sprays are only a couple of quid. There’s so many different smells to choose from but as someone who loves a sweet cupcakey smell – this one is perfect and it’s got pretty good staying power too!

BLEACH London Louder Powder (£3 each, Superdrug) and Legal Highlighter (£4.40, Superdrug)

I didn’t even know my local Superdrug had the Bleach London range in and I was plensatley surprised. It’s been a long time since I purchased any singles for my Z-Palette and these were only £3 so I couldn’t resist. I made sure to buy some eyeshadows that I didn’t already have in my single shadow collection, so I went for two warm brown shades. Ones a matte and the other a shimmer shade – so they’ll be great used together!
As well as the eyeshadows, I was drawn in by the Legal Highlighter in Berwick St Floor. It’s a gorgeous glittery highlighter – the only kind of highlighter I actually don’t have and my goodness, I am so glad I now have one. It’s perfect for when you want that something extra. This shade is a warm gold – meaning it’s not too stark against my skin cause I don’t want to blind and sparkle – just sparkle is enough for me. It’ll also be great for using on the eyes.

I’d love to know what your last purchase from Superdrug was, let me know in the comments below.

Love, always.






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