A Lip Care Product That You Can Eat?!

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I never really saw the point in lip scrubs.

I’ve never suffered from overly dry lips and if one day they were particularly dry, I’d slap on a load of lip balm, leave it to soak in for 5 – 10 minutes and then gently scrub it off with a flannel – essentially exfoliating my lips as a scrub would.

Recently however, I’ve heard so many people talking about how amazing lip scrubs are for so many different things such as;
If you’re in a rush and have super dry lips.
If your lips are stained due to a long wearing lipstick and you need to get the colour off.
If you want to get some blood going to your lips to make them look plumper.

So of course after seeing all of these amazing effects of using a lip scrub, I knew I had to have one!

Now, although I am accustomed to Jeffree Star lip products, I did look around to see what was on the market first. However, Jeffree’s line not only had the most amazing ‘flavours’ along with being cruelty-free, vegan and even edible, they had a hell of a lot of product in the pot for your buck.

So, as always, off to Beauty Bay I went and looked at the different ones on offer at the time.

I was drawn to Candy Cane (£12, Beauty Bay) as soon as I saw it. Not only was it in the amazing holiday collection holographic glitter packaging, but it was minty flavoured and personally, I love a minty scent with lip products.

When it arrived I was even more impressed as it was even bigger than I expected (that’s what she said) and the smell was incredible.

It’s got the sweetest minty smell ever and I was super happy with my choice.

I’ve used the product around 10 times I’d say now and find that you only need about a pea sized amount for a good exfoliation of the lips.

I tend to do it as part of my night time skin routine, taking it on my fingers and gently massaging the lips for about 2 – 3 minutes. Then I’ll either lick it off (naughty I know), or I’ll use my Face Halo to get off the sugary residue.

I have to say, it’s really been keeping my lips baby soft and I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner!

As much as I’m tempted to buy another flavour, I know that the tub I have will probably last me at least two months with everyday use. So I think I’ll wait till his summer collection comes out to treat myself again – however, I’m also open to trying different brands. So if you can recommend me any amazing lip scrubs, please let me know all about them in the comments below!

Love, always.






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10 thoughts on “A Lip Care Product That You Can Eat?!

  1. This literally looks good enough to eat! If you fancy trying out another brand, e.l.f do a minty lip scrub in the form of a solid lipstick bullet, it’s super easy to carry around if need be and it tastes better than it probably should! x

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