New Single Shadows and Holographic Z Palette

Since I got my first Z Palette a couple of years ago, I’ve loved the idea of creating my own eyeshadow palette with shades that I enjoy. I’ll be honest, as my first one was a large palette, it was quite overwhelming thinking to myself – well I’m never going to fill this. And before you know it, I’ve bought numerous eyeshadow singles and even a couple of blush pans and the palettes full.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my first Z Palette, but as I have one of the larger ones, it’s not the most convenient to travel with and as happens with most things in your makeup collection, I don’t reach for a fair few of the shades in there anymore.

So, when I saw the AMAZING Phantom Z Palette in Medium (£12.50) on Beauty Bay, I knew that not only was it the perfect size for travelling but it was also a great way for me to narrow down my shadows to the ones I loved – along with it being a great excuse to buy new ones.

In this post, I’m going to show you swatches of the newest singles in my collection. I’ve found that although I have some amazing neutral warm tones in my collection, many of them are spread within numerous palettes, that aren’t ideal to travel with. So with this new Z Palette, it was a way to make my very own warm toned perfect palette to add to the singles I already loved – if you do want to see my ‘perfect’ palette in another post, please let me know and I’ll be happy to blog all about it.

So without further ado, let’s get to the swatches of my new shadows. First, there’s four shadows from Makeup Geek.

Latte – A medium matte brown that’s neutral toned. This is a perfect transition shade for a brown smokey eye and also a great shadow for putting all over the lid if you want a simple one shadow look, or you want the focus to be on your wing liner. (£4.95, Beauty Bay)

Tan Lines – A matte fawn brown. This is slightly darker than Latte and is the perfect shade for creating a warm toned smokey eye. (£4.95, Beauty Bay)

Cocoa Bear – A mate warm reddish brown. This is a shade that’s been missing from my everyday collection and something I always wished I had. I love the look of a warm toned brown against blue eyes (I have bluey/grey eyes) so couldn’t resist popping this in my basket. (£4.95, Beauty Bay)

Havoc – Unlike the others, this is one of Makeup Geek’s duochrome shadows. It’s a shimmery chocolate shade with green running through it. It also shifts to a turquoise blue. It’s a gorgeous shade for adding a little bit of something extra to your eye look and this is the perfect ‘stand out’ shade for my palette. (£4.95, Beauty Bay)

Next up is some Bleach London. I got two eyeshadows and one of their highlighters.

Louder Powder in TD me & AP 4ma – these are two gorgeous warm toned shades, one matte and one shimmer. As with most eyeshadows I’m drawn to the warmer tones and as these had more of an orangey/reddish tinge to them than the ones I’d bought from Makeup Geek, I knew they’d be a perfect addition to the palette. Although one of them is shimmery, it’s not metallic. If anything, it’s more a subtle sheeny (is that even a word) glow that when placed all over the eye gives a gorgeous look. (£3 each, Cult Beauty)

Berwick Street Floor – this is classed as a burnished bronze – but to me it’s more of a warm gold shade. This highlight isn’t for the faint hearted! It’s extremely glittery and I knew this would be perfect – not just for when I was a super glittery highlight – but also for using as an eyeshadow. (£4.50, Cult Beauty)

What would your dream Z Palette consist of? I’d love to know!

Love, always.






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