The Only Palette You’re Ever Going To Need – The Palette Chloette

The reason I started my blog is because I was completely inspired by the YouTube greats of Samantha Maria, Pixiwoo, GlamLifeGuru (Tati), Tanya Burr, Shaaanxo and Chloe Morello to name a few. However, as I’m not 100% confident to just go ahead and put videos out there, a blog was a great way for me to share my tutorials, reviews and tips in my own way and I absolutely love doing it!

So when I see those people who inspire me each day recommending items or even bringing out their own brand collaborations, I’m there like a shot – especially if it’s with my babe Chloe Morello.

I’ve got both of the eyeshadow palettes that she created with Ciate London for the Pretty, Fun and Fearless collection and they’re so amazing and my go-to’s almost everyday. I love them so much that I honestly think I would buy anything she ever put her name to. So when I saw she was bringing out a powder face palette with Pixi Beauty – I was sold before I’d even seen it and my god, I’m not disappointed.

The Palette Chloette by Pixi Beauty (£28, Cult Beauty)

I’ve had this palette now for over a month, to really give it a good go and provide an honest review for you lovely people and before I get into the swatches or anything, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you to buy it now.

This face palette is perfect for all skin tones, makeup looks you want to create and is one of the best multi-purpose palettes I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

Within the palette itself there’s 6 shimmer eyeshadows (that can double as face highlighters), 3 blushers and three matte shadows that can be used for transitional shades, eyeshadows, eyebrow powder and liner.

Let’s start with the shimmer eyeshadows.
These come in three separate duos to really compliment each other. They’re super metallic and make the most perfect eyeshadows, alongside being stunning highlighters for the face and body.

Veil – a pale white based champagne shade

Honeymoon – a pale gold toned shadow
Fairytale – a rose gold shimmery dream
Passion – a copper metallic shade
Lace – a cool toned beige toned shadow
Swoon – a shimmery brown shade

Then we’ll move onto the matte shadows in the palette. These aren’t as big a pan as the eyeshadows but this doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. These matte shadows are perfect in tone as they’re all quite cool and can be used not only as a transitional shade but also for filling in your brows. One of the many multi-purpose gems of this palette.
Knot – a perfect soft brown tone
Unity – a warmer toned medium brown
Tux – an almost black brown shade with great pigment

Finally, we have the three blush shades. All of these have a slight shimmer to them making them super dimensional and flattering on the face. Personally, although I do like a matte blush, I find that shades like the ones in this palette create a much more natural look.
Promise – A gorgeous peachy blush with golden shimmer
Bouquet – A pale pink with cool toned shimmer running through it
Romance – A mauvey plum blush with golden shimmer

Overall, I honestly think this is the perfect powder palette for travelling. In it you’ve got your eyeshadow looks, highlight, blushers and eyebrows for any look. All you’d need is your foundation, mascara and some lipstick and you’ve got endless looks available. I’ll definitely be taking it with me when I go on my travels towards the end of next month!

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Love, always.






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