Am I Fashion Forward?

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a fashion blogger, fashion junkie and most definitely not a fashion icon – although, I wish that I was.

I do think that I dress quite well, with a good mix of ‘on trend’ outfits, quirky pieces, along with a hell of a lot of clothes I feel confident and comfortable in.

I knew that I must not be doing too bad at dressing myself when the girls at work begun complimenting my outfits more often and when my fiancé begun to ask ‘what the hell are you wearing?’ – men really have no idea do they!?

To give people an insight into what I’ve been wearing, in case they’re stuck in a bit of a fashion rut, I created a 21 Buttons account and I’d love if you’d join me on there (My username is: beccapeacock)! I don’t post outfit pictures every day – but when I’ve made a bit of an effort, you can damn right believe me when I say that I’ll be posting it on there.

I’m even considering putting up bi-weekly posts (such as this one) with the looks that I’ve ‘created’ in that time. The posts will be really simple with just photos and links to certain items where possible- full links will be on 21 Buttons where you’ll be able to see the full outfit details – if you so wish.

I hope you enjoy this super simple post – with the first three of the looks I’ve posted on 21 Buttons and if you’d like more posts like this, just let me know.

Jumper – £15, Missguided//Belt – £12, ASOS//Leggings – £8, ASOS//Boots – £27.99, New Look @ ASOS

Jumper – £8, New Look//Jeans – £36, Miss Selfridge//Western Belt – £4, ASOS//Turquoise Ring – £24, Regal Rose//Shoes – £35, ASOS

Headscarf – £3.99, New Look//Shirt – £26, Topshop//Phone Case – £3.95, eBay//Jeans – £25, ASOS//Nikes – £42, Sports Direct

Love, always.






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7 thoughts on “Am I Fashion Forward?

    1. Thanks so much! I can’t believe how affordable it is! And I’m sure there’s some topshop stores in the us – if not, you can definitely order from them online! X


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