That Weirdo With Five Feathers In Her Hair

I love people that express themselves through their hair. Be it the way they put it up, the cut they have or the colour they go for. As I’m getting married next year, I’m conscious not to do anything dramatic colour or cut wise, as I want it to be super long, the perfect blonde and boho for the day.

I know it’s nothing new probably to any of you but I was very intrigued by people I’d seen at work with feather in their hair. It’s a bit different to getting the tinsel most people have this time of year and as they’re put in with micro-beads, it means there’ll be no damage to the hair.

Many people I’d spoken to said their hairdressers did it for them for about £2 a feather but I reckoned I could find some on the internet and do it myself – as who has the time to pop into their hairdressers for ten minutes? I know I don’t.

After a quick eBay search, I was overloaded with loads of at home kits that came with everything you needed to apply them into your hair. After scrolling for probably a good hour, I decided to go with some from the shop One Fine Day Feathers, in the shade Blue Auburn (From £6, eBay).

The pack itself is a great mix of colours, there’s fiery browns, funky creams and super cobalt blues. As I have balayage blonde hair, this felt like the perfect mix of neutrals with a pop of colour – and who doesn’t love blue?

The feathers themselves were really easy to apply, all I needed to do was section a little piece of hair and then use the magic little tool to then put that piece of hair into one of the beads. Once this was done, you then pop the feathers into the bead as well, leaving it just popping out the other side. Then taking some little pliers, I used jewellery ones, you just need to clamp the bead down to secure the feather in your hair.

After it’s all secure, just give the feather a little tug, just to make sure you’ve clamped down hard enough and it won’t slip out. Then all you need to do is trim the top of the feather where you’ve left it a little above the bead and voila.

As there was 10 feathers in a pack I did a couple of feathers in each bead, using the shorter ones at the top to go with my layers and the longer ones in the bottom. I’d also like to note that you want to make sure to not put them too close to your hairline or parting, or the bead may show when your hairs down, or if you put it up.

I’ve had the feathers in my hair for around four weeks now and although a couple have fallen out, which is no biggie, there’s a couple of beads still standing. I’ve not had any trouble with washing them, straightening them or curling them. They’re just like an extension of my own hair.

I think that if you’re after something a little different to do with your hair, or you’re bored of it and don’t want to take any dramatic actions, these feathers are perfect. They’d also make a perfect present for this time of the year!

I’d love to know any tips you have for changing up your hair, without the commitment of a colour or cut.

Love, always.






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11 thoughts on “That Weirdo With Five Feathers In Her Hair

  1. I’ve not heard of these but I want them now. I never dye my hair as I love my natural colour and I love my hair long. This is an awesome way to do something different without a big commitment xxx


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