Out Of The Box Beauty Stocking Fillers For Under £10

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year and the fact that we can all show our appreciation through gifts is amazing. It’s always important to remember that it’s not about the money we spend, it’s about the thought that goes into the gift itself. I know that sounds really cliche but it’s the truth, someone could give me a £5 frame with a picture of me and them in and I’d be more grateful that receiving say a £60 pair of shoes.

For those who absolutely love beauty products, it’s always difficult to think of things to get them as they always seem to have the latest eyeshadow palette or every shade of nude lipstick you can imagine. This is when you need to start thinking outside the box, to get them something they may never have thought about and that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money.

In this post, there’s three great gift ideas for less than £10 each! They’ll be perfect to pop in a stocking or quite honestly, just as a gift on their own and it’s definitely something I don’t think anyone would have thought of getting for themselves.

Daytox Natural Facial Tonic Toner (£10, Ocado)

This facial toner is perfect for the skincare fanatic in your life. It’s a mild and alcohol-free toner that supports the regeneration of skin, whilst also providing moisture and getting rid of redness. It’s perfect for anyone with dry and sensitive skin, with ingredients that will make your skin feel silky smooth.

This products is meant to be used regularly as a cleanser to keep the skin in balance and due to the Hyaluron within it, it provides a protective film, to ensure the ingredients are plumping the skin from within.

A great thing about this facial oil is that it’s got no nasties in it, it’s paraben-free, silicone-free, vegan, cruelty-free with no artificial colours or paraffin oils. All it’s jam packed with is worth ingredients with great moisturising and skin regenerating properties. It’s definitely a product any skincare lover would be thankful for!

SensatioNail Peel Off Polish in You Had Me At Merlot (£6, SensatioNail)

We all know how much I love SensatioNail products, from their gel polish to their vegan natural nail polish. Well here, I have something I didn’t even realise existed but my god, this would be great for so many people. This is a peel off polish! Yes! It’s a nail polish that goes on in one stoke, dries in minutes and can be peeled off without damaging the nails or the need for nail varnish remover.

I’m very aware that this may seem like a strange product with no purpose, but not at all! Many of you may have friends that work in the catering or medical industries where nail polish isn’t able to be worn. This is a nifty product for them to put on for maybe a night out or when they have a couple of days off that can easily be removed and if for some reason they forget to remove it, it can easily be peeled off on the commute to work or even five minutes before their shift starts.

The  colour I have here is ‘You Had Me At Merlot’, a gorgeous deep burgundy with purple red tones that screams berry! The polish itself is water-based and high gloss, meaning no top coat’s required either. It’s only intended to last a couple of days, so don’t be fooled that this is good for long periods of time.

This colour only requires one coat, although it is advised that you put a second on after the five minutes is up. When you want to remove it, simply peel off from the cuticle end and voila, you’re ready for either your next colour or to go back to work.

Best of all, the polishes are only £6 and come in a vast range of colours, there’s even glittery ones which we all know are super hard to take off usually! For any orders £20 and over, there’s free delivery and this is perfect if there’s a few people you know would love this in their stocking. Or, you could maybe get a couple for yourself as well.

A perfect present for the beauty loving friend in your life who just isn’t able to commit to a whole week of nail varnish. Or even the friend that changes their nail varnish every couple of days to go with their outfits – we all have one!

Design.ME Puff Me Light Hair Volumising Powder Mist (£9.95, Sally Beauty)

For the friend who’s hair is always looking fresh, like they’ve just stepped out of the hairdressers. We’re all jealous of them and know they probably spend more time on their hair each morning that their makeup. Well, this stocking filler will be right up their street!

This product is a super-volumising powder spray made to pep up medium to thick hair which doesn’t seem to have any bounce. It’ll give the instant volume for either your updos or down-dos, without making your hair crispy and stiff like hair spray would. It’s odour free and as the product pumps out, it’s also not going to get everywhere when applying, simply where it needs to be.

The version pictured here is for light hair, there’s also another one suitable for all hair types and I think it’s the great gift for the hair product loving friend in your life – male or female!

After reading about all these products, it’ll be hard to choose whether you’re going to get them for yourself or actually give them away as a gift this Christmas. There’s definitely something out there for all of your beauty loving friends, it’s just a case of deciding which ones best suited for them. I’d love to know if you’ve got anyone in mind for any of these stocking fillers for under £10, so leave me a comment below.

Love, always.



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