Things Are Changing Around Here

Wow, it’s been a while. I’d almost forgotten how to do this. So let’s start with the why I’ve been away for so long.

I got married.

Not only that, I spent an amazing two weeks on my honeymoon in Africa. Something I’ll definitely be updating you on soon. In addition, there’ll be many different tips and tricks for brides-to-be. From experience, I know the run up to the wedding is the worst! 

When getting married, I discovered a passion. I ended up designing all of my own save the dates, invitations, table plans and centrepiece cards. I loved it so much I decided I wanted to help others create quirky weddings too. For that reason I set up my own etsy shop. I’d be really grateful if you’d pop a little look here

Things are changing around here too.

Some of you may already know, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, about this. In other words, if you don’t already, you should definitely follow me on there!

Most obviously is the name change to becca by nature. But what does this all mean for you? Well, there’s still going to be beauty related posts along with loads of extra lifestyle content. So really, you’re going to be getting more for your money! Not that you’re paying but you know what I mean.

Anyone that knows me in real life knows I’m really quite into my cooking, fitness and design. These are all things I’m going to start incorporating within my posts from now on.

So what can you expect?

A lot more (mainly) plant based recipes. I’m a sucker for trying out new food, especially when it’s plant based. I’m about 80% plant based myself and the more options I have to play around with, the more likely I am to cook that way all the time. I’ll be wanting to show you things from meal prep, baking and quick easy meals. This will hopefully inspire you all to join the plant based movement too. 

I also recently completed a Level 2 Nutrition and Health course, as it’s something I’m extremely passionate about. In the future, I’d very much like to be able to create my own little recipe e-book for you all to enjoy. So watch this space!

I’d like to just say, I’m in no way a preacher to eating this way. Simply a believer that each little thing a person does can help our environment greatly. In turn, this helps all the animals of our world lead more and more humane and fulfilling lives. If you’d like a further post on this, be sure to let me know. I’ll be happy to create this for you. 

In terms of fitness..

I’m no expert but I do work out around 4 – 5 times a week. I incorporate mainly weight training, along with plenty of LISS (low intensity steady state) and a little bit of HIIT (high intensity interval training). As a result, I’d like to say I stay in shape. I’m totally inspired by many fitness YouTubers out there. I’ll be sure to share some of my own tips, along with favourite fitness gurus with you in the future. 

I hope you’ll all love this new change to the blog.

It’s something I’m very passionate about and can’t wait to start putting out more content I really love and believe in. As always, I welcome all of your ideas and really wish that you continue on this amazing journey with me. 

Love, always – B.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and support, it means so much 💕
      I’m excited to see what you think of the future posts! Xx


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