Every Body Is A Bikini Body

Let’s cut to the chase here. If you have a body and you wear a bikini, then that is a bikini body. I hate the term ‘bikini body’ in relation to having abs or a big bum or great boobs to go with the bikini. That shouldn’t be what defines a ‘bikini body’.

Another thing that boils my tea (I won’t say the actual word) is when there’s ‘bikini body guides’. Now don’t get me wrong, I have done these before but not to look good in a bikini, to feel better and fitter in myself. I honestly feel like any fitness apps, meal plan guides or anything of the sort should never base their name on a certain ‘look’ they want people to crave. It should be about feeling fit, strong, confident and great in yourself – not what you’re wearing.

I drew Lizzo in a bikini for a shoot she did with Absolut Vodka as this image oozes confidence and proves my point perfectly, all you need for a bikini body is the following;

A body.
A bikini.

Love, always – B
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