Give Them Pumpkin To Talk About

It’s Halloween week, so why not have a bit of fun and make some Halloween themed posts here on the blog. Of course, there still going to have my usual positive vibe, just with a themed twist – if you enjoy them maybe it can be something we do for all holidays? Christmas is coming up soon too (omg).

People talk. They talk about objects, they talk about politics, they talk about what they had for breakfast and as expected they talk about people. That’s me, you and everyone else you can think of. We’re all talked about by others and that’s not something that we’re ever going to stop. It’s important to remember, what they’re saying isn’t always going to be a bad thing, so don’t dwell upon that fact either.

I think what I want this post to put across is that you can provide them with what to talk about with you. This could be that you’re following your dreams in terms of a career, family, holiday or something else. It could be that you’ve achieved something, maybe you got a new PB at the gym, you’ve learnt a new skill or taught yourself how to bake. Whatever it is, give them the seeds and let them grow!

If you’ve done something you’re proud of or you’re doing something that you want people to know about, don’t be shy about it. Put it out there! I used to keep my blogging Instagram, website and shop very much out of the sight of my personal page. This was a choice at first, as I didn’t want to rely on friends or family to be my only followers and supporters. I had a sense of pride that I wanted to make something on my own and then when I’d formed myself a platform all on my own, this is when I started to share it with everyone else.

Of course, it was nice to share when I already had a following as people probably thought ‘oh wow, have you seen Becca’s Instagram’ rather than, ‘have you seen what Becca’s new Instagram is’ << this one would likely be followed by judgement. Obviously, this is just an example but can be applied to most situations.

What I’m saying is, don’t be shy to share what you’ve done, what you’ve achieved or what you’re proud of. Your true friends and family will support, share and help whatever it is get out there. Word of mouth is everything, so make sure to let people know all the amazing things you’ve been doing. Give them something to talk about.

Love, always – B
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