I have a Black Heart – Make Up Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer – Swatches & Review

Vampy lips with glowing skin and neutral eyes is the make-up look of the season. Yes we may be coming into spring but with the weather staying drab and gloomy, why not keep rolling with this trend? I know I will be.

There are numerous dark lipsticks which I own and the worst part about them is the bleeding of the lipline, the patchiness on the lips after wearing the product for a long time and the high pigment means you have to be very careful of wiping your face as that dark colour will transfer. So when I saw this lip lacquer from Make Up Revolution (MUR) for just £3 I was already at the checkout before I had even swatched the product due to the success I’ve had with the brand. 

The shade I picked up was Black Heart which is an extremely black cool toned purple. MUR themselves say welcome to the dark side and wow, this colour is dark! From the tube the product looks more purple than when applied to the lips so be warned if you don’t think it will be that vampy, it is. The lip lacquer comes with a doe foot applicator which makes the product fairly easy to apply. As you can imagine with the lacquer being so dark it would be very difficult to get a defined lip line using just the applicator itself – unless you are extremely steady handed -, so I tend to line my lips with a liner such as Barry M’s Plum (£2.99). There’s no noticeable scent and the texture of the product is very liquid so don’t get to much product on your applicator or you’ll be in for trouble! 

Black Heart is very pigmented and I don’t find it applies to the lips at all patchy. I tend to put on a thin layer and wait for it to dry to ensure the product will leave a stain. After this I will add a couple more thin layers dependant upon how much time I have and how dark I want the lip. The longevity of this lacquer is extremely good considering the bargain price, I find that it does need to be reapplied after eating or drinking but stays on the lips well leaving a stain when it wears away. The only downside is that I find after an couple of hours the product does start to dry out the lips. I’d suggest ensuring your lips are fully exfoliated and moisturised before applying the product to prevent this from happeningso soon into the weartime, but this is what comes with the territory of a matte lip lacquer. 

 When first applied and below is once it has dried down. 
The range of colours from the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer range is great and I can’t wait to try some of the spring/summer colours when the weather decides to eventually brighten up! For now, I’ll be getting as much wear out of my vampy lips as I can.

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