Get rid of blackheads in 10 minutes! Holy Grail – T-zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips – Review

I use these beauties once a week and my goodness I get so much satisfaction out of them. I’m sure you’ve all heard about pore strips and I have tried many different kinds, from cheap ones to charcoal ones, to the masks that are meant for the same purpose but these are by far the best I’ve ever used. T-zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips (£4.49 from Superdrug).

What are they for you may ask? Well, pore strips basically grab blackheads that are in your nose alongside any other dirt and grime and as you pull the strip off your nose it all comes out. This leaves your nose looking visibly smoother straight away, and with continued use it will ensure that it becomes less spot-prone as you are getting rid of any bacteria which could build up causing a breakout.

These strips are shaped specifically for use over your nose, the brand does also do ones aimed towards similar problems on the face, such as the chin or forehead, but they aren’t big problem areas for me so I haven’t ventured into them.. yet.
All you have to do is after washing and cleansing your face, thoroughly wet your nose, as much water as you can possibly keep on your face. I would highly recommend doing so with warm, almost hot, water as this will open the pores allowing that dirt to be ripped right out.
Then strip the plastic off the back of the pore strip – all of them are wrapped individually which is great if you need to take one with you for travel – and gently press it down on the nose. I usually place it on the bridge of the nose before gently pressing down one side at a time to ensure it’s fully attached to the nose and is in all the crevices where dirt can hide.
Next just wait around 10 minutes for the strip to dry and suck all of that nastiness out of your skin. You’ll know when it’s ready to take off as it will be completely dry, kind of hard, and if you start to lift the edge there will be a slight tug on the skin, like your about to rip a plaster off.
Do not be alarmed by the slight pain when peeling the strip off, you don’t need to do it fast either and you want to make sure you are going to pull all off the impurities out. 10 seconds of pain is completely worth it for the results. Looking at that strip full of beads of blackheads and gross dirt is amazing, yes, strange, but if you’ve done it, you will know exactly what I’m on about!

As I have said, I use these strips once a week, usually on my pamper nights and afterwards I will apply a face mask (see review on my favourites here) to soothe the skin and replenish goodness into where it’s needed. Since using these strips they have become my holy grail as I have found that my nose, a place where I would usually get a lot of blackheads and breakouts is significantly clearer. It’s also made my make up application easier, and the make up lasts much longer on and around my nose where oils would usually cause my foundation to break up. Love, love, love them!


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