What Chanel is going on?

See what I did there? Yes, I’m very proud of myself for that one. But on a serious note, what the hell is going on? My one time holy grail cream bronzer has started to disagree with me and I have no idea why. It’s a very strange phenomenon, so lets start from the beginning..

Over a year ago now I first purchased Chanel’s Soliel Tan De Chanel, (£32, feelunique.com) and I couldn’t get enough of the stuff! I have dry skin so it was great to use either under or over my base for that perfect sunkissed, bronzed goddess look. I was so impressed it that I don’t think a day went by where I didn’t use it in my make up routine.

My favourite way to wear it was by using a Real Techniques Sculpting Brush (£9.99, feelunique.com), to create a bronzed look around the perimeter of the face and then applying it across the centre of my face where the sun would naturally hit, giving me that gorgeous bronzey glow.

Now you don’t need a lot of it to get the desired look, but after about 6 months I hit pan (pretty good going considering I used it daily), and as my parents were going on holiday the following month I asked them to get me another one as it would be duty-free price. Do you blame me, it ain’t a cheap product!

I was so excited when I started using my new one, and I continued to use it in exactly the same way I always had. As winter came round I found myself using it less and less as I no longer wanted such a bronzey look. So for a couple of months it was only being used occasionally.

Last month, as the sun started to make an appearance again, so did my Chanel Soilel Tan de Chanel. However, it no longer makes me look like a bronzed goddess. Well it does when I apply it over my base, but then any products I put on after go patchy and as my make up wears throughout the day it completely melts the make up off my face where it has been applied.
This upsets me so much as I said it was my Holy Grail for such a long time. Now I find myself reaching for the Benefit Dew The Hoola, (£22.50, Benefit) as a replacement, but it doesn’t compare to the love I used to have for my Chanel!

If any of you work for Chanel, has the formula changed? I have kept it in it’s box out of the sun, so no damage could of been done to it that way, and I use the same base products I always have so there’s no reason why this has all of sudden started happening.
I just don’t understand. I’m going to keep trying to make it work as I still have around 2/3rd of the product left, or I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and splash the cash to get another.

Has this happened to any of you? Any answers I will be grateful for.


7 thoughts on “What Chanel is going on?

  1. I totally know what you mean when a product suddenly stops working for you, I’ve had a few of my bronzers do that but they’ve always been powder ones so maybe the formula has actually changed? Have you tried setting it with a powder bronzer at all to stop it from sliding around? I hope it works out for you!

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    1. Yes I always set it with a powder. The formula is the only thing I can think of. I might go into store and ask someone, I’m gutted X


  2. So strange! But i suggest going to the store and speaking to someone is your best bet. Please let us know once you’ve spoken to them and what their feedback is?!

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