Lip Voltage – Does it really make you lips bigger?

Kylie Jenner is the sole reason we all want big juicy lips and the quest to get these is never ending. Due to this I’m finding more and more products are coming onto the market to help you achieve this desired look. Lip Voltage is one of these, so does it really work?

Lip Voltage is a customisable lip plumper, allowing you to choose how ‘high you want the voltage’ (more on this later). It contains collagen and peptides which are incorporated into the treatment which is applied to your lips like a lipgloss by using the doe foot applicator. It’s a 20 minute treatment which can be used alone or before applying lip products and is said to last throughout the day.

Now, I’m not unhappy with my lips, but I purchased this a few months ago after seeing numerous reviews on twitter and elsewhere online saying how amazing this lip plumper was and I got sucked into the whole ‘big, full lips’ world, (currently £15.99, Dollywood Boutique). When it arrived I was so excited and tried it straight away and managed to convince myself that it worked, but after only using it a couple of times -mainly due to the wait time of the product – it soon got put to one side.

The product comes with the lip plumper treatment and a ‘voltage’ which looks scarily like an injection. This is an extra boost which you can mix into the treatment to intensify the plumping effects and gain the results you desire. So of course I added a fairly good amount of this to the treatment.

Like you would expect with most plumping lip products it burns. It’s that feeling of when you’ve ate something really hot and you want to just pat your lips and get it off. But in this case you just have to suffer for beauty, or do you?

I’ve taken pictures of my lips before, during and after application and honestly, I don’t think it makes my lips any fuller at all. This product is completely hyped up on social media, especially by people such as the TOWIE and Geordie Shore kind of girls. It’s not worth purchasing in my opinion, unless you like the thought of a burning lipgloss.

Have you tried any lip plumpers that actually work?



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