What was that? Another Beauty Bay Haul – Make Up Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills, LA Girl.

I just can’t help myself. Payday comes around and I’ve already decided what I’m going to purchase off Beauty Bay. Soon enough, I’m going to need a new Z Palette due to the amount of shadows I’ve been buying, but that’s a good thing, in my eyes at least.Make Up Geek Eyeshadows (£4.95, Beauty Bay)

I cannot rave enough about Make Up Geek shadows, they are so cheap and such high quality they glide on like butter and are even more amazing and pigmented when used with ‘wet’ – I just spritz my brush with MAC Fix +
The shades I got this time around were:
Glamourous – Shimmery bronze gold
Prom Night – Pale purple grey with shimmer
Venom –Deep moss green with golden shimmer
Tiki Hut – Tawny matte brown
Mango Tango – Peachy pink with flecks of gold
Lemon Drop – Shimmery bright lemon yellow
Anarchy – Marsala (plum pink) with a shimmery finish

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown (£15, Beauty Bay)
As mentioned in my last Beauty Bay Haul (see that haul here), as my hair has been growing out I find that I’m in need of darker brow products so I have purchased a darker colour of the dipbrow as currently I own the shade Taupe which is great for anyone with very silver blonde hair. I’m already using this dipbrow everday it’s so easy to do my brows with this!

LA Girl Endless Semi Permanent Auto Eyeliner Pencil in Olive (£2.49, Beauty Bay)
I’m not going to lie, I only bought this as I only had to spend 35p to get a free gift and I’m a sucker for free gifts, and from Beauty Bay they are always pretty good! I’ve been after a khaki/olive coloured eyeliner for a while now, so thought I’d give this one a try. From the swatch it looks pretty opaque and I’m excited to use it in conjunction with Venom eyeshadow from Make Up Geek.

Free Gift – Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap & Cleasing Lotion Toner – 30ml Sample Size
Full size of Cleansing Lotion (£12.95, Beauty Bay) & Cleansing Soap (£11.95, Beauty Bay)
I’m excited to use these as I know Kylie Jenner is a big fan of Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion and upon reading the reviews of these on the Beauty Bay wesbite so many people are raving about how good the products are. I’ll do a review on them once I’ve used up the sample sizes, and who knows maybe they’ll be on my next Beauty Bay shopping list.


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