Be Legendary – Smashbox Lipstick in Mulberry – Swatches & Review

Smashbox admittedly has never been a brand I am drawn towards and it’s also a brand I don’t really hear about within the beauty community very often. When I do hear about them however it’s very very rarely anything bad. So when I was kindly gifted this lipstick, from a friend – not Smashbox themselves I wish I was that lucky -, I was very intrigued to try it.

The colour I have is Mulberry – a muted brown berry shade – perfect for wearing both when glammed up and day to day. Smashbox Be Legendary Cream lipsticks are described as an intense pigmented product with luxurious moisturising properties which feels feather-light on the lips and lasts all day. So is this true? Yes and no.

The colour itself is gorgeous and very pigmented but due to the creamy texture it would be useful to put this product on with a lip liner just to ensure that the product doesn’t bleed. It feels moisturising yes, however I find due to this the colour does wear off easily throughout the day, leaving the dreaded blank mid-lip with product all around the edge. Not attractive in the slightest.

In terms of the product being feather-light this is definitely something which I can back. It just feels like a thin layer of lip balm, not at all distracting or uncomfortable even when it does start to wear off the lips. I would also like to mention that the product itself has no scent.

Overall, I do love the colour of this product it’s more the formula which was a slight disappointment, I didn’t feel there was anything ‘legendary’ about it. However, I may have a dud colour of the bunch, who knows? It comes in an amazing range of different colours, from reds to berrys, pinks to nudes, and  there is also a matte version of the same lipstick which would be interesting to try as it may be longer wearing. For the price of the Smashbox lipstick at £17 (Boots), I would personally say spend your money on a MAC lipstick instead which is actually even cheaper as not only are MAC lipsticks one that have never failed me they also come in a huge range of colours and finishes.


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2 thoughts on “Be Legendary – Smashbox Lipstick in Mulberry – Swatches & Review

  1. I just got my first Smashbox Be Legendary cream lipstick in Fig. I love the balmy formula. I find Fig pretty long wearing and leaves behind a good all-over lip stain, but it is a fairly dark shade. Mulberry looks really pretty!

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