Do Baby Lips give you Baby Lips?

As the sunshine becomes ever more prominent in our day to day life so begin the struggles of chapped lips from being out in the sun. So I decided to jump on the Baby Lips bandwagon and grab myself a couple of shades as Maybelline says they offer ‘8 hour hydration leaving you with lips that look healthier and are baby soft’, what’s not to like?In the summer if I’m not wearing a bold, bright lip shade I like to have a sheer lip balm on to protect my lips in the heat. Baby Lips seem like the perfect fit for what I’m after, the only thing they’re missing out on is SPF. Something which I feel a lot of lip products are missing out on.

The colours I got were Peach Kiss and Pink Punch. Both colours that I feel I will get a lot of use out of. Peach Kiss has a slight frosted pearlescent finish to it whereas Pink Punch is a bright sheer pop of fuschia pink on the lips. As you can see from the swatches they apply smoothly leaving a lovely sheer sheen on the lips which makes them look agreeably with Maybelline healthy.

The packaging is completely plastic and cheap looking, I feel the product is probably targeted towards teens rather than women like myself in their twenties, nevertheless I do enjoy that the packaging corresponds to the colour inside and it’s kinda cute I guess.The first thing I noticed when applying the product to my lips is that they have lovely fruity scents to them, Peach Kiss, as you can imagine, smells peachy whereas Pink Punch has a generic fruity scent. When first applied they do feel very moisturising on the lip giving that balmy slip. However on days where I had a slightly drier lips I do feel that the product clung to them and emphasised the problem areas. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that this balm leaves my lips hydrated for 8 hours after use. Especially with the Pink Punch colour I felt that as it wore off, the lips started to become slightly dry feeling which is disappointing.

Overall I think they’e pretty nifty for the price (£2.99, Boots) and give a great sheer pop of colour to the lips which is great for the summer time. However I would much prefer my Blistex, Nivea or Elizabth Arden balms for actual hydration for the lips. I doubt I’ll be buying anymore colours from the range as I think i’d prefer to just buy a sheer lipstick instead.


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