What a Difference an Eyeliner Makes.

Big eyes. Small eyes. Narrow eyes. Almond shaped eyes. Round eyes. No matter what shape eyes you may have there’s a trick to make your eyes look different by simply using a black or white eyeliner.I’m sure you’ve all heard it before but here I am demonstrating the rule. White eyeliner makes your eyes appear bigger and black eyeliner makes eyes appear smaller. Such a simple trick but it can transform your look from day to night from bright eyed to dramatic.

So first, let me show you my eyes with no eyeliner on whatsoever. I simply have eyeshadow and mascara on my upper lid so I am able to give you the clearest demonstration.

White eyeliner – bigger eyes: I’m using Rimmel Soft Khol Eye Pencil in Pure White,(£2.99, Superdrug).
I applied this eyeliner to my waterline and on the inner corner of my eye. As you can see it completely opens up my eyes giving the effect of a  ‘bright-eyed’ look. It also emphasizes the natural shape of the eyes.

If you wished to make your eyes look even more round you could simply apply the white eyeliner to the middle third of your waterline to give that appearance. And if you wanted a more almond shaped eye you could simply put white eyeliner on the outer third of the eye to make the outer eye seem bigger than the inner.

Black eyeliner – smaller eyes: I’m using MAC Eye Khol in Smoulder, (£14, MAC Cosmetics)Here is one eye with black liner and one eye with white liner, look at the difference!

When applying this black liner I applied it to both tightline and waterline which really closes the eyes and as you can see gives a more dramatic look, bringing more attention to the eyes.

If you have eyes which have a lot of space between them you could also put the eyeliner on the inner corner to give the appearance that your eyes are closer to the bridge of the nose.
Also if you wished to intensify the looks which I suggested for rounder and more almond shaped eyes above, you could place black eyeliner on the alternative thirds of the waterline to give a more dramatic look.

How do you wear your eyeliner? Personally I go for black eyeliner when I want attention drawn to my eyes, and white eyeliner for more natural, bright-eyed looks in the day time.


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15 thoughts on “What a Difference an Eyeliner Makes.

  1. I love classic black eyeliner and I usually like both the inner rim and outer eye with the same . Might have to try the white liner in the inner rim sometime 😘

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  2. Black liner in the water line never suits me, but I loooove some white liner to brighten things up! I’m interested in finding a nude liner that’s light enough for my skin tone to act as a more natural brightener.

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