Bruno’s Beauty Routine.

Call me crazy but it’s actually part of being a pug owner. There are essential things that I have to do everyday to ensure that my little Bruno doesn’t get any nasty skin or ear infections.

Now as you all know, pugs have wrinkly faces. As cute as their faces are this does mean that they are prone to growing bacteria inside of the creases meaning that it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. My Bruno is forever shoving his face and ears into long grass, mud and he has a habit of rolling around the carpet which can all contribute for the dirt making its way into his creases and ears.

To start his ‘beauty routine’ I use baby wipes, my wipes of choice are Huggies Pure Baby Wipes (£1, Boots), I use these as they have nothing artificial which may upset his skin. I have to lift up the excess skin on his face which allows me to get into his creases, it’s amazing how much dirt gets in there, sometimes I have to use every part of the babywipe until it comes out clean.

Another important part of looking after a pug is their ears. Much like the creases these also become dirty fast, and my goodness a pugs ears have so many nooks and crannies it’s unbelievable.

I use a cotton bud (100 pack, 35p, Tesco) and gently rub it into the visible parts of the ear to get rid of the dirt which has built up, I tend to do this on a weekly basis unlike the cleaning of the face which must be done everyday. Once I have cleaned out the ears using cotton buds I then will use a baby wipe to wipe away any excess dirt and clean the hairs which are around his ears.

Bruno is actually very good at allowing me to clean his face and ears, he is resistant at first but after a minute or two he just sits and allows me to do it like the champ that he is.

I know this post was a little different for me, but I though yoy might enjoying knowing a little more about Bruno and his routines in the kinda beauty world. Who knows we could do his bath routine next?

Becca (& Bruno)-x

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