Update Review: St Moriz Fast Tan

Summers coming which means limbs need to start coming out and not only do all us girls need to start shaving again, we also desire a golden sunkissed tan. So, very cleverly St Moriz have relaunched their tans and bought out new products. See my original post on the purchase here: New in: St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse. So is it really new and improved?

First thing to note is that usually I would use the St Moriz Dark Mousse Tan, whereas this is the fast tan with 3 different shade options dependent on the developing time so it isn’t a true comparison of the product. Saying that I find there are definitely things which I have a feeling will run through the whole new improved line so let’s talk about those.

The St Moriz. Fast Self Tanning Mousse (£5.99, Boots) itself is smoother, I can’t explain how but it doesn’t seem as bubbly. Also the guide colour is nice and deep similarly to the original mousse, something which we can all appreciate. Nobody wants to be left with streaks.

Next up, the smell, there is a fresh clean scent to the product when applying it to the body. However, disappointingly this is short-lived. After about 30 minutes it goes into the usual fake tan smell which is in every tanning product whether high end or high street.It still transfers. Now nowhere does it say none transferable but with it being a fast tan I made, obviously the wrong assumption, that it meant it would dry down faster. So if I applied it a couple of hours before bed, which is what I always do, and leave it on overnight it wouldn’t get all over my sheets as much. I was wrong.

As you can see from my leg pictures and swatches I wouldn’t say it really got any darker than the normal dark tan mousse would, so in the future I’ll probably stick to my usual which is slightly cheaper. I do however think this would be great for those who apply fake tan on the day before a night out due to the fast development. But if you’re an overnight tanner like me, I don’t see why you’d need this in your life.


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