The ‘Wow What’s on Your Lips’ Lipstick – Nyx Instanbul – Review and Swatches

It all happened two or so months ago when I saw someones instagram post and immediately commented ‘wow what do you have on your lips?’ that I’ve been after this product and finally I own it. I’ve no idea why it’s taken me so long to get round to purchasing it, and I should of got it sooner!

Instanbul is part of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream range (£5.50, Boots), and this formula is what’s most interesting about this product. When you apply the lip product from the doe foot applicator it feels like you are putting a mousse substance on your lips, similar to the Bourjois Souffle lip range. Although it does apply quite creamy within a couple of minutes it does matte down ever so lightly, leaving you with a comfortable matte lip.

Unlike liquid lipsticks the soft matte formula doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry but does give you an extremely similar effect. The formula also seems to smooth out and fill in any little lines in the lips, which I feel makes your lips look fuller than when a normal lip product is applied.

Aside from the formula the colour of this lipstick is a gorgeous light but natural baby pink ‘you lips but better’ colour. I think it goes well with most make up looks and will be a perfect everyday staple in my collection. Also it smells amazing like cupcakes. Oh yes!Finally we’ll talk about the wear time I found that this product lasts well throughout the day. Even when it does wear off the colour seems to fade and there’s no cracking or uncomfortable drying feeling to the lips. After eating and drinking you do find the need to reapply which is understandable however it layers well over whats already left on your lips due to the creamy nature of the product. Overall I absolutely adore this product and can’t wait to get more!


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7 thoughts on “The ‘Wow What’s on Your Lips’ Lipstick – Nyx Instanbul – Review and Swatches

    1. They do! Everything I’ve ever tried from them has been really great quality considering the affordable price! Can’t wait to see you wearing it! X


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