SEVENTEEN Stay Pout Lipstick – Going Steady – Swatches and Reviews

As summer comes along I find myself drawn towards peachy nudes, as they go perfect with a tan. Also as it is summer you want something that’s long lasting but creamy on the lips. SEVENTEEN’s Stay Pout lipstick contains shea butter to keep the lips moisturised along with the formula being supposedly kiss proof colour. So let’s see!

I got two colours from the range, but today is the shade Going Steady that we’re going to review. I think it’s cute how they’ve named all the lipsticks after relationship terms which also links in to the Stay Pout range. This particular colour is a peachy nude colour (£4.49, Boots).Upon application of the product I felt it clung to any dry patches, which I didn’t even realise I had, on my lips. This made the colour look uneven and patchy, so I continued to layer the product until I got the smoothest look, but as you can see from the lip swatch it isn’t an opaque colour. The product definately does feel moistursing on the lips, but the texture is creamy so I was unsure how it would last.

The scent of the product is a lipstick smell, as in, a cheap slightly chemically smell. It only lasts a couple of minutes before it wears off, but it’s noticeable when applying and it’s not overly pleasant.

Long-wearing kiss proof colour is what the product claims to be, and I’m afraid I have to completely disagree. The product doesn’t dry down to a finish which is any less creamy, it’s a satin finish and if you kiss your hand or any one else it’s definitely going to come off. When it does wear off throughout the day it seems to come off in the middle of the lips, leaving a line of lipstick around the edge of your lips.

Overall, I’m not a massive fan of this lipstick, it’s a lovely colour but for the same price I can purchase much more effective and better smelling lip products. But maybe it’s just this colour, so well see how the other colour does another day.


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3 thoughts on “SEVENTEEN Stay Pout Lipstick – Going Steady – Swatches and Reviews

  1. I have a few pinks from the range called Audition and it’s complicated. I strangely found that audition stayed on but the other one didn’t. It’s not my go to lipstick just a backup. Great post xx

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    1. It’s as if certain colours work better for some odd reason. But agreed it’s not going to be a lipstick in the front line xx


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