Tie-Dye Nail Art – Perfect for Summer

Now as you know, there’s nothing I love more than getting my nails done and getting them to recommend new styles which they’ve learnt. I think it’s a form of art some of the things nail technicians can do these days!

So, when I popped along to the nail salon the first thing I was super excited about was that they had new colours, and after picking a gorgeous bright orange yellow my technician was super excited to try out some tie dye on my nails. I’m not 100% but I think the colour was possibly ‘Orange Cream Dream’ from Gelish.The way in which she did it was to first cover the nail completely with a white gel base and once set this is when the magic happened. She took a total of three different colours and a nail stroking brush and laid them in vertical lines down the nail. Once she had placed all the colours she cleaned off the brush and then started to move it from left to right horizontally from the bottom to the top of the nail to create the gorgeous effect that I have.

After this was complete we simply set the nails and voila! Nails perfect for the summer.


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