Can’t Get Your Hands on Kylie LipKit in Exposed? Just Get This £5.50 Lip Product Instead..

So, as soon as Kylie revealed her new matte liquid lipstick shade I know I was soooooooo ready to pay ridiculous money to get it. But after much realisation that it’s just a complete waste of money, as there’s been many mixed reviews on her products and quite frankly it’s not worth paying taxes and shipping costs for just one of her lip kits, I decided to start a mission to find a dupe.

I left it a couple of weeks after the release so bloggers, magazines and all other platforms alike were able to release swatches and start to come forth with what other products were dupes for this colour. And many of the dupes, as is always is the case came from Colourpop, unfortunately in the UK it’s just as hard to get a hold of these products as it is Kylie’s unless we’re prepared to pay about £20 for one on ebay.

One product that kept creeping up on many of the dupes lists was NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi. Now I expressed my love for this formula of lip product only just last week so it seemed a perfect product product to get, and they are only £5.50 (Boots)!

Now the formula is exactly the same as Istanbul so if you wish to know more about that side of the product read my review on that colour here. In terms of the colour itself, it’s a warm brown almost leaning towards terracotta colour, which is absolutely stunning. It does look almost identical to pictures of Exposed. It’s the perfect nude colour for the summer time if you are a big fan of the brown lips trend.


Personally I’d suggest saving your money and getting a lip product which I’ve never seen any bad reviews on in virtually the same colour! So go and grab yours now!


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4 thoughts on “Can’t Get Your Hands on Kylie LipKit in Exposed? Just Get This £5.50 Lip Product Instead..

  1. In my opinion even better solution is Nyx Longerie. I have lip creme in Abu Dhabi, London and when came out Longeries i didn’t come back to their cremes because Longerie is so much better formula and they are on my lips whole day :-). Try them. Nice post tho.

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