Facial Oils – Why They’re a Must Have for any Beauty Collection

Facial oils, something which I was always skeptical about until I actually started using them. And my reasons why you should start using them too. I’m about to banish some myths for you.First of all, it doesn’t matter whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin or oily skin. There is an oil out there for you. Yes you heard me correctly, even if you have oily skin you should be putting oil on your face as this is what your skin is craving hence why it is producing so much – research has actually shown that by putting oil onto your skin it can stop the production of excess oil, so your skin will in time become less oily.

Oil is greasy and will block my pores. No, no, no. Not all oils for the face are greasy and yes oil’s are absorbed in the pores but they will not block them. If you ever get break outs it’s because the skin hasn’t been cleaned properly it won’t be due to skincare such as oils, moisturisers or serums. It’s probably and quite simply down to the fact you haven’t cleansed any impurities or dirt from the day before away.

Right, so let’s get onto my favourites and my reasons why!My holy grail and most repurchased oil is Bio-Oil (£8.99 for 60ml, Superdrug).

I bloody love this stuff. I have noticed that since using it my skin is more hydrated, my redness has calmed down a lot and also there’s less pigmentation on my skin. It also claims to be anti-ageing and as I’m not getting any younger I appreciate this a hell of a lot. I’m 23 (24 in a weeks time, shhh) and I’d like to say that my skin is so far pretty unaged. There are wrinkles on my forehead but they’ve been there since I can remember  – maybe botox next? – but aside from that unless scrunching my eyes I have no crows feet appearing or any other wrinkles. So maybe this is preventing it, who knows? This is quite rich, so I tend to use this as part of my night-time routine. However I will use this in the morning if I have around an hour before I need to apply my make-up as I do find my makeup applies better when my skin is freshly nourished.
Another thing I would like to add is that Kylie Jenner also uses this on a daily basis, and her skin is flawless, need I say anymore?

Next up we have Botanics All Bright Radiant Concerntrate Serum (£6.99, Boots).
So, this isn’t strictly an oil, but the consistency is very similar and it does contain flower extracts which are said to make the skin brighter.
I have almost used this entire bottle, I can’t say it has definitely made my skin brighter as I use a lot of things which could of contributed to it, but my skin definitely isn’t as dull as it used to be. This is a great one for using before makeup as it absorbs into the skin within a couple of minutes, making a great moisturised base for the day. I love the fact that is comes with a dropper as it makes it easy to apply and ensures you don’t waste too much product. I won’t be re-purchasing straight away as I have become a bit of a facial oil junkie and want to try as many different ones as I can, but it will definitely be one which I will come back to if I dislike others which I go on to try.

Next an oldie but a goodie, The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Brazil Nut Extract (£14.99, Amazon).
This is a lightweight illuminating oil which also is very nourishing for the skin. I use this mainly for my face but it can also be used over the whole body and also in the hair. I find that this one is great for using under makeup or mixing a couple of drop into your foundation to give it that extra glow. I also enjoy to put 8-10 drops of this onto my face if I’m having a pamper session and letting it just absorb slowly into the face and it does leave the skin extra dewy. Something which I love. I would definitely repurchase this however it seems The Body Shop no longer stock this particular scent however they do have a huge range of their beautifying oils so I’ll definitely be keen to try one of the others when this runs out (if it ever does, I think I’ve had this over a year now).

Finally is my newest to the collection which is B. Replenished Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil (now called B. Radiant Antioxidant Boost £13.99, Superdrug).
I love, love, love this stuff. Compared to the other oils which I own this one is very rich and luxurious feeling. I only used to use this at night time, and when I wake up my skin would feel so smooth, soft and nourished. However recently I’ve been mixing one drop per pump of foundation to give my skin an extra dewy boost and I have been loving it. It also seems to make the foundation apply more smoothly and evenly across the skin. It has a delicious smell, and the B. range is cruelty-free, which is also a plus, it means there are no nasties in the oil. The antioxidants are said to protect your skin from environmental damage, something which can’t be argued with. I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out!

Which facial oils are your favourites?


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12 thoughts on “Facial Oils – Why They’re a Must Have for any Beauty Collection

  1. I love facial oils! My favourite is the Boots Botanics Organic Facial oil.. I think they might be discontinuing it though 😦 it’s amazing for pigmentation and dryness it’s like a miracle oil! I think I’ll have to check out bio oil too, you sold it to me!

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