St Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion – Review

Summers fast approaching and everybody is doing everything they can to look like they’ve been in the sun, because let’s be honest, there has not been enough sun to catch a tan in the UK.

So, what better to reach for than gradual tan, now usually I do use the Palmers Cocoa Butter Gradual Tanning Moisturiser (£5.69, Boots) but as you have probably seen St Moriz have had a relaunch of products and have come out with their own version (£3, Boots).Their tan contains aloe vera and vitamin E, this combanation gives the product a very fresh clean scent when first applied, but don’t be fooled, like the instant fast tan (Update Review: St Moriz Fast Tan) the smell soon turns into the fake tan one that we all love to hate.

Aside from that I do find that the lotion is moisturising to the skin, however it does stick to any rough areas so be warned, if you don’t wash your hands properly you will get brown inner fingers haha! I’ll be completely honest though, I think the inner fingers and knuckles are about the only places that go brown.

Don’t get me wrong I use fake tan about once a week, but usually I use a gradual inbetween to not only top my tan up but to keep it moisturised. However in comparison to my usual Palmers, the tan fades faster than usual, which in essence means there isn’t as much colour being deposited on the skin.

I personally won’t be buying this gradual tan again, I’ll stick to my favourite, although I’m happy to hear any of your recommendations!


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One thought on “St Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion – Review

  1. I really like St Moriz’s products – cheap and cheerful! I use the Instant Tanning Mousse and it always works a treat, even if I do smell like a big biscuit for a few days 😂 great review, chick!

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