Kyshadow Sold Out! No Problem, Dupes have Arrived!!

I’m 110% sure that I am not the only person who didn’t get one of the Bronze Kyshadow Palettes when they were released on Tuesday and I’m almost certain it’ll be quite some time until they are able to be shopped from freely other than at the drop of a hat. But for those of you that will be trying again today (Friday 29th, fingers crossed) like me and praying for the best, if all else fails. I have got your back. I am duping all the colours with more readily available shades.

So, I’m sure you’ve all seen it a thousand times already, but here is the Bronze Palette in all its glory.

Now the palette itself isn’t overly expensive it is $42 (around £30), but if you have seen Kylie’s snapchat they are extremely pigmented and smooth so finding dupes to create the whole palette for a similar price will be a challenge but here goes…

So from top to bottom, left to right, I will tell you the names of the shadows and first the Make Up Geek shadows which I have duped them with. The MUG shadows are £4.95 each (Beauty Bay) meaning the palette would come to £44.55. I am also going to dupe the shadows with Morphe Brushes Individual Shadows which are only £2.35 each (Beauty Chamber) bring the palette price to only £21.15!

K – Kyshadow MUG – Make Up Geek MB – Morphe Brushes

Jasper: Matte Finish Creamy Beige
MUG Beaches and Cream: Creamy Matte Natural Beige with Just A Hint of Peach
MB Cream Puff: Soft Matte Peachy Beige


Quartz: Satin Finish Champagne Gold
MUG  Rapunzel: Light Peachy Champagne with Metallic Finish
Glisten: Peachy gold with Shimmerjasper

Topaz: Matte Finish True Taupe
MUG Frappe: Medium Maple Brown Matte
MB Toasted Hazelnut: Muted Taupe Browntaupe

Goldstone: Satin Finish Bronze
MUG Glamorous: Shimmery Bronze Gold
MB Deep Skin: Soft Gold-Peach with PearlbronzeCitrine: Matte Finish Bright Orange
MUG Chickadee: Matte Yellow Orange
MB Spice: Vivid OrangeorangeTiger Eye: Matte Light Golden Brown
MUG Desert Sands: Medium Camel Brown with Yellow Undertone
MB Nuts For You: Light Golden Brownbrown goldHematitie: Matte Chestnut Brown
MUG Wild West: Rich Rose Brown
MB Caramalised: Golden Orange BrownchestnutBronze: Matte Finish Chocolate Brown
MUG Cherry Cola: Deep Red Brown
MB Deep Cocoa: Intense Reddish Brownbrown red
Onyx: Matte Black
MUG Corrupt: Intense Matte Black with Subtle Shimmer
MB Coal: Black Matteblack

Yes, I know not all of the shades look like exact dupes from the photographs but when on the eye they will be extremely similar. I hope this is helpful for many of you not able to get your hands on the Kyshadow palette.

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