Jeffree Star Liquid Lips – The Best of All Time – Mannequin

O B S E S S E D.

If you haven’t already seen my post on Anna Nicole, >>>go go go now<<<! This is simply another I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics post. So apologies in advance.Mannequin – the perfect cool toned rosy beige nude. It goes with natural make up, glam make up, no make up make up. You name it, it will go.

I was kindly gifted this by my amazing friend Kim for my birthday and oh my god, I don’t think it’s been off my lips since. Not only does it apply like a dream much like it’s crazy sister Anna but it stays. Doesn’t come off. Stays put.

The only downside I have to this particular colour, unlike Anna Nicole, Mannequin has the signature root beer scent to the product, now this is all well and good, but as I learnt the hard way on holiday after a few too many drinks and putting your make up on in the morning the scent reminds you of the dark times of the night before and turned my stomach a little, I ain’t gonna lie. However, on a day to day basis this does not bother me in the slightest. Just don’t eat it, cause it don’t taste nice.I literally can’t explain how amazing these lipsticks are, if you don’t have one you need one in your life immediately. I suggest you click here and purchase one, Mannequin ($18, Jeffree Star Cosmetics) and for the rest of the colours in the collection >>> click here <<<
They are also vegan and cruelty-free, which is an extra extra bonus.

Instagram: beccapbeauty
PR friendly.

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